Trade View Investments Review: Is a Scam? -

Trade View Investments Review: Is a Scam?

Welcome to the Trade View Investments review.

TradeView Investments is an Australian-based prop trading firm owned and operated by Robert Bubalovski and a bunch of aggressive sales people.

When we say “aggressive sales people,”, we mean they’ll go to every forum on the internet to promote services while doing everything they can to defend a deal gone wrong with a customer.

Other than prop trading services, Trade View is selling a “special cocktail” of trading products and services.

They sell everything that you need to become a “bad-ass trader”: Here’s a list of the products they promote:

Trade View subscription newsletter…………..$19.95 per month

Membership portal…………………..$69.90

Introduction to Markets…………….$495

Online Systems Building…………….$990

In-house systems Building…………….$2,990

Trading Talk…………..$1450

Plus a trading conference which will be hosted later this year by a bunch of “world class traders”.

Ticket prices have not been disclosed upfront because the company intends to make traders sign up using their personal information before pricing can be revealed.

To qualify for Trade View X prop trading opportunity, one must jump the hoops. One must also pay the cost of the entire program and meet certain criteria.

This is a sophisticated trading school, not like your average trading school such as Seam Group Forex, where presentation is basic and at the end the sales page, you’re compelled to push the “buy now” button.

TradeView claims that financial assets for trading will be available to traders based on their level of experience and requirements which they’ve met.

The markets that can be traded under TradeView Investments platform include:

Stocks, stock options, Cash Index and Futures, Index options, Forex, Commodities, Commodity Options, CFDs, Bonds, ETFs and Fixed Income or Money markets.

The Trade View X platform (seams to be a product within the TradeView Investments ecosystem) is promoted as a service that lets traders with no coding experience build, test their automated trading models faster and much better.

The prop trading firm has partnered with Go Markets broker where they ask traders to sign up for a demo or live account.

Go Markets is a controversial Australian broker (if reviews on this forum are anything to go by).

The nature of this partnership allows TradeView Investments to earn money from their affiliate campaigns.

Other vendors usually waive their fees and to some extent provide their services for free in the event that they limit traders to their recommended brokers.

The next time you use either of these brokers, we’ll let you subscribe for a trading indicator or software for free.

That aside, any trader aspiring to join TradeView must read this review because we’ve analyzed the quality of the service to determine whether or not it’s a viable trading service.

TradeView Review

The main idea behind this prop trading firm’s business model is that they’re providing tools and giving traders a chance to build automated trading models.

For traders to complete the training program with TradeView, they must purchase software and other related services which come with unlimited support.

Software and support costs $99 monthly.

TradeView Investments is also hosting Live TV every Friday where traders share their screens with students to talk about what they think the markets will do in the coming week.

News announcements such as Interest Rate and Non-Farm Payroll are also on the cards.

In addition to this, TradeView Investments has created a forum where they claim only traders with live and verified accounts can post information.

This must surely be an excellent trading school and a prop trading firm, right?

If they can provide all of this information for a small fee and guarantee that you’ll join the successful trader’s club, they must surely be generous people.

They even claim that you’ll receive guidance from members of their trading floor.

This kind of news is only craved by the financially unsophisticated.

So before we get caught up in the advertising, we need to have a critical discussion on the quality of trading education provided by TradeView Investments.

The course is a 250 pages of content. The Online Systems Building Plus package contains 130 videos which allegedly shows students the models and trading concepts.

Building a successful automated trading strategy is hard work and even TradeView Investments admits so. However, they’re not telling us how long it will take for the average student to get it right and actually trade a live account with a reasonable success rate.

If they claim to have signed up dozens of students into their prop trading program, they must surely have these statistics!

Trade View Investments Review: investment hustlers

This prop trading firm sounds promising in all capacities.

But we’ve not sampled their chat room yet.

The company claims that it runs on a 24 hour basis so traders will find someone in the chat room no matter the time of the day.

We would like to know what type of content this chat room delivers and whether the trading educators in this chat room have verified live accounts with verified profits.

We don’t want a chat room where trading educators continuously ramble of what the market has already done and what could have happened if we entered the trade at point A and exited at point B.

This quality of chat room is bad for the trader.

Unfortunately, Trade View does not provide any trials and there’s no way to know whether the chat room is worth your time and money.

We call these trading educators “Investment hustlers” because they sell financial products whose success rate cannot be verified.

The footer of the company’s website states the following:

Hypothetical or Simulated performance results have certain limitations, unlike an actual performance record.

Simulated results DO NOT represent actual trading.

Also, since trades have not been executed the results may have under-or-over compensated for impact, if any , of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity.

Simulated Trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight.

No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or loss similar to those shown.

These guys are basically saying that none of their supposedly live trades are actually live trades executed on a real money account.

But this assumption could contradict the claim that their forum is only manned by traders with live accounts. So where is the truth?

Well, a trading educator who runs a company of this size and website seemingly so robust with education content can never produce verified trading results to support the supposed quality of their education program.

They’re quite focused on delivering education than proving that their education and strategy works.

Also, the company does not provide details of their prop trading service. This disclosure is important if traders don’t want to face nasty surprises later on.

We already know the truth at this point.


TradeView Investments and the people in charge are basically selling to make money, and if there’s live trading at all, it must be very limited.

Their website states that they’re simulating results. That is an indication that the educators are not trading a live account to demonstrate their alleged success.

We would like to get real feedback from “professional traders” who earned their skill by going through TradeView Investments prop trading firm and services.

We want to scrutinize trading accounts for at least 2 of them to see whether this success is real or just an illusion. For now, we’re not recommending Trade View Investments or any of their products.

You can always spend less than $200 to get proper automated trading systems that don’t take you through the hoops to make money.

Thanks for reading the TradeView Investments review. Stay tuned for our next update.


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