Trade Like The Banks Review: Is Scam?

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This is a lengthy sales page promoting an e-book which can be found at is proclaiming that traders can be consistently profitable by thinking like a bank and not retail traders.

The author even claims that when traders learn supply and demand, they’ll be able to trade “in-line” with the big banks and institutions.

Trade Like The Banks website has listed a couple of screenshots showing examples of trades that were allegedly taken by the owner of the website.

A classic example can be found in a screenshot demonstrating how the owner of Trade Like The Banks website targeted 1000 pips while risking 28 pips only.

This is a risk-reward ratio of 34:1 which is obviously not practical in the real Forex trading scenario.

90% of trade setups will not give you this kind of risk-reward ratio. So we have to take these claims with a pinch of salt.

Furthermore, this website lacks simple pages such as “about us”, “trading performance” and so on. How are we supposed to believe this too good to be true story?

Trade like the banks review

Are you facing withdrawal issues with this broker?

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Traders are not aware who the owner of Tradelikethebanks really is since this information has not been disclosed.

Instead, they’re forced to read a lengthy sales page that contains marketing fluff and nothing substantial.

Stories of how this anonymous guy bought every magic trading indicator and software has littered portions of the website.

This is accompanied with fake Twitter screenshots where the owner of showcases alleged feedback from real users of his strategy.

We cannot believe these marketing stunts because they seem too exaggerated and only the financially unsophisticated can believe this get-rich-quick marketing strategy.

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Trade like the banks Review is the ultimate destination where Trade Like the Banks website is taking the community.

Price Action Ninja is promoting a “magic secret” trading e-book that allegedly reveals how large institutions operate in the Forex market place, how they find supply and demand zones that work, how they figure out pin bars and how they determine when a reversal will happen.

price action ninja review

The owner of Trade Like the Banks even claims that he is giving away 80% of his strategies free of charge on his YouTube channel and that these strategies are making money for his followers.

The only YouTube channel that this kind of keyword (trade like the banks) can be found here. 

This channel belongs to Tradernick. TraderNick is yet another cheap trading educator with no substantial trading performance.

The question is whether one can offer gold for free.

These marketing claims are not telling the truth. The truth will come out in the last sections of this Trade like the banks review when we begin asking the hard questions.

The foundation of the strategy is called “the Event Chain

What is “the Event Chain”?

The Event Chain is some magic trading strategy explained in a 3-minute long video.

This is nothing other than a man talking behind a camera and pointing charts. The audio quality is very poor and the strategy itself does not sound like anything out of the ordinary.

There are several fake trading educators doing this exact kind of thing.

They load up charts on their PCs and start talking about some “secret strategy” while pointing supply and demand zones.

This is by no means evidence that the trading educator is good at trading. In fact, talking about trading does not necessarily mean that the speaker is making money out of trading.

The video which has been published on the Trade Like the Banks website has no insightful content except the usual mumbo jumbo.

We assure you that what Trade Like the Banks is selling is something which is already available on Google for free.

If you have been trading for a while, you know that lessons about supply and demand in trading can be found free of charge.

There are dozens of materials on the internet teaching this methodology.

So why waste your time listening to a video by some anonymous guy selling a secret strategy that will allegedly grow your account quickly?

Trade Like The Banks trading results

The product in question costs $147. This fee caters for VIP membership where traders will get access to new lessons, guides and analysis added every week.

In addition to this, traders will get access to books that teach the “secrets” of price action.

In reality, there’s no working trading formula that can cost a mere $147. Imagine Price Action Ninja in conjunction with Tradelikethebanks are selling a secret that makes people wealthy for a very small sum of money.

Do you think anyone can give away their secret for this amount of money? It is not likely.

And now this brings us to their trading results. If they claim that this secret works, the vendor should definitely demonstrate the efficiency of their trading methodology and back it up with third-party verified results.

A statement sharing platform like would suffice.

Unfortunately there is a lot of talk and little in the way of evidence suggesting that Tradelikethebanks supply and demand course works.


This sales page is selling nothing more than snake oil. Whoever is behind this project is your average internet hustler making money by selling a fake trading course for a couple of dollars.

There are no feedback regarding the experience of traders with this course except the fake testimonials which can be found all over the Trade like the Banks website.

Thanks for reading this Trade like the banks review. This is definitely not a trading course to buy. You’re better off buying shoes for $147.

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