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Trade Genie Review: Scam by ‘Noshee Khan’ Beware!

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Trade Genie is a stock investment advisory service operated by ‘Noshee Khan’.

Mr. Khan is peddling his stock investment recommendation from the address

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He boldly claims that he can help investors leverage his “World-Class trading strategies”.

Mr. Khan also runs other two websites in his portfolio.

These include:

1. Financial Markets Wizard —

2. Noshee Khan —

In his marketing declarations, the owner of Trade Genie proclaims an amazing win ratio of 89.76% out of 537 trades.

He also proclaims an average gain of 70.20% in just 16 days of trading.

This is absolutely ridiculous and to some extent not verifiable. It’s complete baloney—I will explain.

By the way, whether Noshee Khan is telling the truth about his trading achievements or simply spinning a fib is the subject of this review.

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What does Trade Genie offer?

It’s a stock and options investment recommendation website with multiple monthly subscription plans.

Additionally, Trade Genie offers 6-day personal coaching for $997.

It is targeting beginners and experienced traders who are hoping to make a kill in the stock market, thanks to Noshee Khan’s inflated performance reports.

Trade Genie Students can pay $37/month for Mr. Noshee Khan’s exclusive market analysis or $187 monthly to receive up to 10 alerts every week.

Trade Genie recommends $250,000 for experienced traders and $10,000 for new investors wanting to utilize the service.

It appears that Noshee Khan’s clients are a group of individuals with some retirement savings to splurge.

Or let’s just put it this way—Mr. Khan is targeting the financially desperate who believe they can become rich quickly if they can just copy-paste his investment advise.

Who is Noshee Khan of Trade Genie Inc?

Mr. Noshee Khan’s real name is Mohammed Nasir Khan.

This name is supposed to be very secret but unfortunately Mr. Khan does not know that once something leaks out there, it cannot be erased very easily.

On his “about” page, he claims to be a Master trader, a software engineer and a programmer.

In one of his websites, he even claimed that he left a $120 per hour job to pursue full time trading business and helping people succeed in the stock market.

He apparently developed interest for trading in 2003 but founded in 2010.

Considering his Steller resume and the experience he claims to have, I would never doubt one iota that a simple request such as wanting to see Mr. Khan’s trading performance can be turned down.

Nevertheless, what I had already suspected was ultimately confirmed.

The owner of Trade Genie is unable to honor a request for his performance record.

Despite declaring his market experience, Mr. Khan cannot verify his 96% winning rate, and he is also unable to verify whether this trades were taken on a simulator or live account.

So why exactly does Khan look and sound so confident?

The answer is in online reputation management.

I have always said that TrustPilot is the online version of Mecca with regards to fake reviews.

Majority of people go there to post fake reviews in exchange for incentives and sometimes investment hustlers like Noshee Khan will pay for extra features which enables them to further manipulate reviews.

Ultimately, the result is a standalone page dedicated to publishing nothing but positive Trade Genie reviews.

Not even a single negative report can be found on this page.

The ripple effect is that hundreds of financially desperate people get suckered because they don’t want to do their homework.

The FBI indictment

There are reports that Mr. Noshee Khan was indicted by the FBI.

I can’t confirm those reports just yet but considering the energy with which he denies those allegations, one would conclude the devil is in the details.

The FBI archives page reports that MOHAMMAD NASIR KHAN and his accomplishes were charged by the FBI for false tax reporting to the IRS.

The report indicates that Mr. Khan of Stockton sold 3 property but did not disclose the gain.

It is also alleged that he used fraudulent exchanges in the sale of 2 other properties.

The reason I cannot confirm this allegation yet is because it’s still not clear whether the Mahammad Nasir Khan in this case is the same person as Noshee Khan.

Nevertheless, the website of Trade Genie Inc is providing a Californian physical address.

There is only one person by this name that leaves in this address.

Another thing to factor into this argument is that if this information was false, Mr. Khan would have probably sued the person who provided this information.


I know this review is an absolute nightmare for some die-hard fans who can’t believe the ugly side of this investment hustler.

When confronted on the FBI allegations, the owner of Trade Genie becomes furious like a caged tiger who has been poked with a stick.

The only defense he can give is that his Facebook page is followed by 30,000 people.

He claims the allegations are by some angry people.

But I want to ask Mr. Khan — Why are you enraged if you are innocent?

Thankfully; after reading this, many folks will acknowledge that they can’t touch Trade Genie even with a 10 foot pole.

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7 Comment on this post

  1. He teaches that those that go against what he teaches will hurt them selves and be the 1 out of 100 who aren’t successful. You must use him as a planet and your own intuition and you’ll be extremely successful with his service. I am a 20 year old student who uses this and entire family and friends use it and they’re successful. Maybe instead of trying to prove to yourself this guy is a fraud do some more research on your emotions and try his service the right way.

  2. REVIEW OF TRADE GENIE — my experience

    This is a swing options trading alert service that promises great returns but what it really is glorified hit or miss gambling. There are no play both sides of the trade options (spreads) to profit no matter what direction the stock goes just calls that predict and don’t guarantee that the stock will go up. After 3 months I lost money and i chose not to continue (there was no sorry to see you leave email like the more gracious businesses would do or anything about what I wasn’t happy with or why) because I was very dissatisfied with the service and decision making, and most of all the poor communication. I was missing trades (I have email evidence and will be contacting my credit card company if they continue to refuse to refund me for not delivering on their promise) or getting texts over the weekend — I had given them a legitimate cell phone number an two email addresses one of which was an outlook account as a back-up. I reached out several times to ask perfectly reasonable questions in a polite and clear manner and when I did hear back the answers were dismissive and entirely unhelpful, particularly when bad decisions were made on the part of Noshee, such as the ridiculous call to hold onto Nokia calls (NOK) after the massive one day spike during the GameStop hoopla. I was up 1K on 4 contracts and as a result of this alert I was down 600.

    I also got a bunch of misinformation on AMD which dropped after earnings when in retrospect we should have sold at least some contracts coming into earnings (no email alert to do so was issued): I even posted the price charts in the ensuing days which proved that the stock didn’t go higher (dropped significantly) in spite of Noshee’s insistence to the contrary: the best he could do was say it went to 100 after hours which it didn’t and wouldn’t matter if it did because we don’t trade after hours — how rude and submissive can anyone be and I was a new customer trying out a service with a fair and legitimate point that was raised in a completely non-accusatory way — I have many screenshots to share but there doesn’t seem to be a way to share them on here. If it did go to $100 and we could sell the contracts why didn’t we get a sell to close order at any point, since the profit would have been huge: 100 would have been an all time high and above the red target (the highest profit target he offers). He dug his own grave on that one.. Staying on topic, there was rarely any mention of all the losers or sell at a loss emails (we were just left to our own devices) and I’m deeply in the red both on paper and real. I abandoned the service because Noshee only focuses on the few winners and I lost trust in any of his pics which were frequently given at the end of the initial run up before a drop leading to sleepless nights as I waited for them to go back up and alas many of them didn’t or haven’t like MRVL, NOK, NKE, AMD, BB, or CNC (all totally dropped from the conversation because they are big losers and I guess Noshee doesn’t want egg on his face).

    One or two winners was not enough to offset my losses and sleeplessness, and the communication and care was deeply lacking. At one point he joked around in one of his emails that he won 99% of the time when someone asked him about his success rate. He never talks about the losers but he sure loves to brag! I also got a ton of promo emails that flooded my inbox in spite of the fact that I signed up for their signature service which all left me feeling like I was being taken advantage of as a new customer: Happily I didn’t fall for it. There were similarly disappointed customers on their Facebook page who were complaining about losses. Unfortunately their reviews on their website and online paint a very different picture but this was not my experience at all and I’m a reasonably seasoned and mature investor. I wanted to go quietly but their lack of courtesy or professionalism re. correspondence or accountability has left me no choice but to get on here and share my experience with them.

    On a final note I requested a refund based on non-delivery of service per above (forwarded it back) and they never responded.

  3. I subscribed to his Options and Stock swing trade. From the onset, his trades were posted by multiple and numerous text alerts almost every hour. There is severe lack of strategy. It feels to me he is sending trades out at random on stocks or options that has had rapid movements and volume. There is no management strategy. You are on your own once you are locked into that trade. I held some stock for weeks waiting for his take profit alert. I got out eventually on some and I took a loss on the others.
    He posted his charts on his entry and exit points. Which are nothing but fake info. I called him out on his fb page, “show us your broker records”. He kicked me out of his group.
    He is charlatan, selling alerts that nothing but random stocks. Anyone can do his stock pick. Just pick any fast moving stock for the day, blast the alert out and collect your monthly checks.

  4. Thank you for the insight. I will not be signing up for this service. Sorry to hear so many of you lost money. I too have been scammed in the past as well. Not by this charlatan but by others. As they say, buyer beware. Trust but verify.

  5. I think some of the responders on this thread are scam too. I signed up in July 2022, received 0 trade alerts and 0 market updates.

  6. yes. I agree Mr. Khan is a scam artist.
    He conducted some free lessons during service only to calm you down and you stay in his fraud game. He needs to be in jail.

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