Trade Capital Holding Review: Misleading Scam

Trade Capital Holding is a confusing finance and investment company that is borderline scam. The company in question is known as Trade Capital Holding Ltd, and their website’s domain is

Marketing materials on this company’s website claims that they began operations in 2014.

However, this is something we cannot confirm just yet because our background search reveals that actually came online in November 2018.

I tend to think that this investment scam is smart and similar to websites like Yield Crowd and Jux Capital.

That aside, there is confusion between Trade Capital Holding Ltd and another company called Trade Capital Markets (TCM).

While Trade Capital Holding Ltd is claiming to be regulated by 5 financial organizations, we have not found luck in establishing if this is the truth.

Out of the 5 organizations that they talk about on their website, we researched the FCA and the CySEC to see if we will get any records.

This is because this company is based out of London, so it makes sense to inspect the FCA register.

Unfortunately, the results were negative for this search. That is why we couldn’t include them in our list of recommended trading products and services.

Trade Capital Holding Review: More red flags

According to this company’s linkedin profile, they own brokerages like and

Now, still researching on the same issue, we found out that Trade Capital Markets (TCM) Ltd was claiming ownership of and

Remember that TradeCapitalHolding is also claiming ownership of

Also, we were able to establish that indeed TradeCapitalMarkets is regulated by the CySEC.

If they are licensed by CySEC, then it would be sensible to believe that is actually theirs and not a property of the subject company that we are reviewing.

These inconsistencies are actually making us believe that this website is a scam and not something that deals in Fintech as they originally claimed.

Damning Reviews and low trust rating

According to WikiFX, Trade Capital Holding has no valid regulatory license and is therefore risky to trust with money.

There are no feedback from clients just yet. Also, I found out that WikiFX was rating them 1 out of 5 stars.

This only adds to the list of red flags that this website is throwing at us.

Should you trust Trade Capital Holding?

Despite their website pulling tricks on unwitting investors by looking and sounding professional, we are unable to put the puzzle together.

We would conclude with all confidence that this company is a scam. With all the inconsistent information that we are coming across on the web, we can say that the broker is fraudulent.

Furthermore, they are claiming ownership of properties that don’t actually belong to them. This is an offense.

The Conclusion

This company must be a dangerous fraud that is operating on stealth mode and hard to detect.

At first, they even convinced us based on the mere look of their website.

We saved our ass from getting scammed because as we did our research, the truth started to unfold before our very own eyes.

We therefore conclude that this is a smart scam. Avoid at all cost.