Trade ATS Review: Indicator and Trader Education

Trade ATS ( is a charting software and a Forex education provider.

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The website was launched in 2018 and company registered as Trade ATS LLC.

However, the people associated with this website are not known and so it’s impossible to establish whether they’re successful traders and developers or not.

Nonetheless, the developer of Trade ATS believes that if traders can trade the trend efficiently, they can get consistent results.

For that reason, they created Trade ATS indicator and refers to it as the Black box trading software for Forex.

They claim that it took them 7 years of hard work to come up with this software.

I actually don’t believe these claims until I see real trading results.

To use the charting software, traders are required to pay $150/month. No trials are currently offered.

Is Trade ATS Legit?

Their main product is the TradeATS indicator which is compatible with MT4 software.

trade ats indicator review

They want users to know that this MT4 indicator is stable and does not rely on changing settings to conform with any market.

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The developer also says this indicator uses cutting-edge methodology where the technique is based on “smart money” trades against losing masses of retail traders.

The MT4 indicator does not rely on certain markets and works with all time frames.

And the free learning materials will help users know how to use MT4 software and a few other basic instructions for setup.

With the developer’s explanation about their blackbox trading system using trends to pin-point efficient trade setups, one can be convinced that there is a lot more that the developer is not telling us. ‘

And for that reason, I can’t include it in our list of popular trading tools and resources.

Should you subscribe to get the TradeATS software?

Their FAQ page says this software does not give success to those who have not learned the basic of trading.

So it is not a mechanical or technical trading system per sei.

They also say their product does not have a large user base and most of the people who use it come here by referrals.

That means we should not expect any user reviews just yet.

I like this part because the developer comes across as honest.

However, the developer did not provide their results.

I prefer that developers should provide a trade sample for at least 3 months so we can see the real performance of their software.

They can even use a myfxbook account to make their work easier.


Despite the developer sounding honest, we still can’t recommend or use Trade ATS charting software just yet.

There is nothing that separates this indicator from those in the market place.

The developer failed to convince me that his strategy is viable in the long run.

They don’t even have results yet. So how can we trust them?

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