Topview Holdings Review: Scam Broker (

Topview Holdings is a phony Crypto investment website that masquarades as a broker but in reality they want to snatch your Crypto if you give them the chance to. Their official website ( is lying about their licensing status as well as the number of tradeable instruments offered. A quick spot check suggests that this website does not offer any currency pairs for trading. Only Crypto is present on the platform. The scam is facilitated by a simple charting functionality where users can access a buy or sell button to place a trade — the same way they do it in Binary options trading.

Topview Holdings’ is basically telling a bunch of lies on their website as they also falsely claim that they’re licensed by the CySEC, BaFin, FSC and FSA. They are giving us fake licensing numbers to make it look like it’s real. Because it’s obviously a scam, we can’t have it in our list of recommended Forex and CFDs brokers as this would jeopardize our reputation big time. Furthermore, Topview Holdings would ruin your financial status even if you invested in the best trading systems that yield reasonable returns.

Topview Holdings ( Review

It must be understood that Topview Holdings does not guarantee any safety of client funds since they are not a serious Forex and CFDs broker.

We did not find the alleged 1,000+ Forex and CFDs pairs on the platform. In fact, the platform is offering a very limited number of Crypto coin pairs. The rest of the instruments are missing.

The scam further claims that TopView Holdings is operating out of the UK. The problem is that this website is untrustworthy, and if they say they run the brokerage from the UK, then it is definitely something we cannot believe.

It is therefore safe to assume that the people who run this business are anonymous and their location is also secret as it’s the norm of Forex scams on the internet.

I found out that TopView Holdings is not different from another scam called Aiko Markets. For that reason, serious traders should not try these guys as chances of losing funds are extremely high (of course if you can’t seek professional help after the loss).

Topview Holdings Trading platform, leverage, minimum depost, spreads and fees

The scam does not provide leverage. There is no talk about spreads or fees either. Once traders sign up, they are greated with a strange trading platform that resembles that of IQ Options broker.

The platform is not sophisticated as only a simple charting software is available with the usual indicators and a buy or sell button.

The way I see it is that TopViewHoldings is a scam site that does not operate like a real Forex and CFDs broker since they lack features that would make them a legit broker.

There is no MT4 or MT5 trading software either. This is quite sickening considering that plenty of people will still fall for the scam by creating an account and sending the fraudsters some money.

What to do if you have been scammed by

You will need to seek help immediately (assuming you have lost over $5,000). I urge you to live chat with a professional money recovery agent at the bottom of this website.

I’ve made it easier for you to get help by bringing the company closer to you. So once you present your case (no upfront obligation), you will need to wait until you can be given father direction. Success is 100% sure especially if the scamming involved amateur broker like TopView Holdings.

The Conclusion

Getting scammed is a sure thing as long as you trust these petty criminals with your Crypto. The platform is not even registered as a company. This makes everything complicated. Good thing is that professional money recovery agents work with law enforcement to initiate chargebacks and also bring the thieves to book.

Thanks for reading this review. Be careful and also drop your comments if you have an experience with this fake broker.