Toprofitmax Review: Is It a Scam? is a platform that claims to invest its clients’ funds on Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading.

Toprofitmax claims that they can generate an impossible 3% to 7% daily ROI.

In a month, they claim to generate 270% ROI by trading Crypto on major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, CEX and Bitmex.

This supposed passive income opportunity is however suspicious because they don’t introduce their traders and neither do they have any accountability is place.

Is it a genuine Crypto trading operation or a scam? Most investors who have encountered this website would like to know.

Is legit?

You just have to look at their “investment plans” to see the red flags.

Minimum investment is $10 but they will always convince you to deposit more money.

toprofitmax review

This can be done through a series of cold calls and marketing emails where they employ freelancers or use their own staff to deceive naive investors.

Toprofitmax is not regulated and the company is non existent.

Their supposed founder is a stock photo and the website does not provide any evidence of trading.


When you send these scammers your money, you will lose it. It is as simple as that.

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