Review: Scam Broker (Topology Financial Services Limited)

A scam broker like cannot guarantee safety of your deposit because they are liars to the core. The company claims to go by the name Topology Financial Services Limited, and is allegedly operating out of the UK. The contact name of the scam site is Yuyan San from Hong Kong. This is probably someone who is running a scam brokerage from Hong Kong and not UK. They are not fit to use for your trading even if you have the best trading systems that produce profitable Forex signals. advertises ultra-low spreads, deep liquidity, segregated accounts and up to 22 currencies and precious metals. These include Forex, Metals, Commodities, Gold, Silver and CFDs. Because Topology-fx is a scam site and a broker that cannot be trusted, we’re unable to add them to our list of recommended Forex and CFDs brokers.

Topology-fx Review: Topology Financial Services Limited is a dangerous website

They lure investors using colorful language. They are offering the popular MT4 and MT5 trading platforms because they know that these applications are most preferred by seasoned traders.

They claim that spreads are as low as 0.1 pips and the number of liquidity providers are 22. The leverage they are willing to give is up to 1:300, which is fare enough but also not helpful considering that Topology-fx is not giving back any money.

The company has also invested in an attactive website with convenient links to their email contact and other pages. This is the epitome of a fancy site that is also hard to suspect or become curious of.

These Hong Kong guys are smarter than sophisticated scams like Britannia Global Markets and CFI Financial, and Finotec.

However, they also appear confused as their marketing material is very contradicting. On one hand, they suggest that the company is based in the UK. On the other they claim it is based in New Zealand. All of these red flags point to the fact that Topology Financial Services Limited is not a trusted company.

Reviews of Topology-fx (Topology Financial Services Limited)

The broker is providing excessive bonuses to unsuspecting victims. They are also making sure that traders are winning many trades and making overnight profits. But when it comes to withdrawals, they tell their victims that only 4% of the deposit is allowed, thanks to a deposit bonus that a trader accepted.

This is indeed a trap because a deposit bonus should never prevent withdrawal of your original deposit.

You can also see that Topology-fx Financial Services Limited is not licensed by any financial regulator.

This means the scam can play around with your money however much they like. Anyone who sends them some money must be sure that they won’t see their money ever again unless they engage the a professional money recovery agency.

You can do so by filling up the form at the begining of this post or engaging them on the live chat below.

The Conclusion

Your money may not be gone forever as Topology-fx is surely a scam but their offshore bank account can produce the loot if you follow up.

Meanwhile, those of you who have had a bad experience with this broker should drop their comments. This feedback is helpful to new traders.