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Topinvestus Review: CFDs Forex Broker a Scam!

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Welcome to the Topinvestus review.

Topinvestus is a CFDs broker (for all markets) proclaiming that their platform is the best way to simplify one’s trading experience.

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They claim their platform is the fastest, most efficient and transparent way to trade. In addition to this, they want traders to know that in 2018, their company won awards for the most innovative broker with best trading conditions.

Topinvestus website was registered in May 2019 according to

It is not clear when this award was won and secondly, a brand new Forex broker who is trying their feet in the waters for the first time will never win such an award.

Topinvestus is offering 3 different account types, claiming that each account type is suitable for their customer’s needs.

There are 3 account types in total. Topinvestus implores their customers to choose a trading account that has the features that align to their goals.

These account types are as follows:

[tabs][tab title=”Topinvestus Micro”]


No Commissions

Leverage X1

All instruments

24/5 Support


Account Manager

20 % Welcome Bonus

[/tab] [tab title=”Topinvestus Standard”]


No Commissions

Leverage X2

All instruments

24/5 Support


Specialist Advisor

50 % Welcome Bonus

[/tab] [tab title=”Topinvestus Pro”]


No Commissions


All instruments

24/5 Support



70 % Welcome Bonus


Topinvestus’ main sales pitch is that they offer excellent trading conditions in addition to providing traders with an account manager.

TopInvestus review

Before depositing your hard earned money in this broker’s bank account, you’ll need to know that this is an offshore broker and the safety of your funds is fully dependent on the integrity of people who run Topinvestus.

We’d like you to read the rest of this Topinvestus review to find out what you probably never saw when you perused the company’s website.

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Topinvestus review

In as much as our initial impression was very positive, we’re still bothered by the negatives that surround this broker’s service.

There are a couple of positive points to mention as far as this Topinvestus review is concerned.

The first one is that they’re offering the good old MT4 trading platform. Nearly every professional Forex broker has MT4 trading platform.

It is widely accepted and used for the reason that it is accommodating a wide range of charting tools in addition to over 50 trading indicators.

In addition to this, traders can get access to expert advisors that are built on the MQL4 language. Get a good Forex robot or indicator for MT4 here.

While we’re focused on their MT4 trading platform, we’ve also noticed that this trading platform is offered by a third party company called Silverlade Holdings Ltd.

This could mean that Topinvestus is using the company’s white label to provide Forex trading services to its customers.

Now, the disadvantages are too much. We will try and list them here.

Topinvestus review: not a licensed broker

Silverdale Holdings LTD is the face behind Topinvestus Forex broker. This company is domiciled in the St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The reason scammers and shady brokers love this island is because they don’t have proper regulatory framework under which Forex brokers can operate.

The only financial regulator in this area is in charge of overseeing banking and insurance activities, not brokerage businesses.

Off shore brokers such as Top Investus are not responsible in how they handle their clients’ money.

This means that they’re not accountable in any way.

They don’t have to keep their clients’ funds in a segregated account and secondly, they don’t report to any external auditing authority and thirdly, the broker does not have to maintain a certain minimum operational capital to stay in business.

Consequently, clients are at risk of losing their funds if the company decides to shut down their operations.

They don’t release funds very easily

Their terms and conditions state that client accounts will be subject to 10% deductions every month.

They don’t explain what these fees are for. In addition to this, clients who request withdrawals will be charged extra handling and processing fees.

There is no explanation as to why these fees are applicable and where this money is going to.

This is typical of Forex and CFDs brokers who want to fleece their customers.

Topinvestus processing time for withdrawals sucks

They say they will take up to 5 business days in order to process a withdrawal. This does not make sense at all.

Regulated brokers take hours to push the money into your bank account. So how does a broker take up to 5 days to do the same amount of work?

There is no demo for practice

Topinvestus does not provide a demo account for practice. So we were unable to actually test their “excellent trading conditions”.

This means that the broker is too hungry for money and they actually want traders to deposit funds right away even if the trader is new and requires some practice before opening a live account.

On the same note, we couldn’t test their spreads for the same reason. Any broker offering spreads below 1.5 pips is good.

Consider these brokers for that matter.


Traders must avoid dealing with a broker like Topinvestus. They don’t seem reliable enough. On top of this, they are not regulated and their location is associated with scam brokers.

If you want your money to be safe, we implore that you choose brokers who are regulated with the top financial watchdogs such as the FCA, CySEC, ASIC and a few others.

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