Top Forex Targets Review: Is It a Scam?

Top Forex targets is a website that offers professional Forex trading services at a cost of $3.75 per week.

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Top Forex targets is specifically offering professional currency index analysis, chart analysis with targets as well as a TFT Pro course where traders are taught how to read naked charts.

In addition to this, Top Forex Targets has partnered with to offer traders an expert advisor at discounts of up to 100%.

Currently, the developer of Forex Tester EA is selling version 4.0 which consists of all updates they did when they first launched the software.

We have not seen their myfxbook performance yet. So we cannot say how viable the Forex Tester EA is.

If you want a good Forex EA, we implore you to find one on this page.

Top Forex Targets review

This is one of the cheapest Forex schools to attend.

Their website claims that the reason they charge such fees is because they want to make trading education affordable.

top Forex targets review

Instead of charging $2000 for a Forex course, they think $3.75 per week would be quite affordable for those who cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars.

The question is whether such a cheap Forex trading course can get you the desired results.

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If it is cheap, it means the mentors are not putting in the requirement amount of work to make their system effective.

You also wonder what kind of trading mentors can be paid peanuts to teach a truly working Forex education course.

Furthermore, we have no proof that these guys are professional traders.

They could have just provided their myfxbook for us to analyze their performance before we can sign up.


Top Forex Targets sells what does not appear to work. The pricing is suspicious.

If it is so cheap to buy, just know that you won’t attain the results desired.

Perhaps these guys are just going to give you surface-level information while calling it Forex education.

You have to decide whether you want to waste time on this website or find a real trading education website.

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