Tontine Investment Review: Just a Scam!

Tontine Investment is a supposed Crypto investment platform where you can deposit $50 to get 2.1% daily ROI.

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The site claims in its marketing materials that they have been trading since 2010.

What they hope you will not discover is was created in August 2019.

The site was nowhere to be found in 2010. Their alleged SEC approval is also a lie and so is their US-based physical address.

The people who run Tontine Investment are also anonymous.

It is quite difficult to trust these sites. There are so many of them and their aim is to steal Bitcoin from naive victims.

If you would like to invest in Bitcoin trading, there are highly recommended trading products and services for that specific purpose and pyramid schemes are not part of what we recommend here.

Is Tontine Investment legit?

This website can’t be legit because it is clearly running a HYIP or a ponzi scheme.

Tontine Investment review

What will happen is that the owner will collect what he can collect and close down the site when he feels that the business is no longer viable.

The purpose of lying that they’re SEC-registered is to make the company sound legitimate.

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Their SEC registration number is definitely fake. Their company too is fake since no company with the names Tontine Investment was registered in the US.

This scam appears to be based in the UK because its style of operation is similar to HYIPs from the UK which are known to defraud victims of their Bitcoin.


The red flags are everywhere on the TontineInvestment website.

The goal is to rob anybody that will send $50 or more. The site owner is anonymous for a very good reason.

You have to keep off such scams.

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