Tom Lewis Trade Services Review: A Scam!

Tom Lewis Trade Services aka TLTS is an interesting service targeting traders and investors.

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They provide ‘investment plans’, Forex signals and also aid traders with education and technology.

The official website of this vendor ( is owned and operated by Tom Lewis Companies, LLC.

When I look at the company, I find nothing but mediocrity.

This is the reason I feel guilty including it in the big list of recommended trading and investing solutions.

This company is in charge of multiple other websites that operate in a similar fashion to the subject of this review —Tom Lewis Trade Services.

The vendor is providing a New York physical address and also claiming that they entered the market in 2006.

They even claim that their proprietary traders frequently appear on financial television like CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News.

Does making frequent appearance in any of these channels equate to successful trading?

Apparently the assumption is that when you appear on CNBC, you must be a really successful trader and investor.

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Any information that you peddle on TV will be taken as the gospel truth, and some people will even think you are the real deal.

That said, the aim of this review is to find out whether the service is worth your money.

Tom Lewis Trade Services review

The service is currently peddling investment plans which are similar to those of a ponzi scheme.

Investment duration is from 10 to 100 days.

According to Tom Lewis Trade Services marketing materials, an investment of $1,000 will yield a return of $300 after 10 days, meaning that you’re making $30 daily.

Clients who choose 25 days investing duration are told their deposit will be doubled.

The supposed trading packages are ridiculous, and there’s no disclosure of which brokers are involved.

The service claims that they’re affiliated with several other trading services and my guess is that one or two of their websites are running a brokerage service.

By simply transferring money from your bank account to one of their brokers, you are actually putting 100% control of your money into their hands.

Forex Signals and VIP membership

Tom Lewis Trade Services is proclaiming a daily ROI of between 2-5% trading with their Forex signals.

They provide both free and paid Forex signals.

To subscribe, traders are required to choose their subscription plans on the website.

These include:

1.Monthly plan…. $50

2.3 months plan…..$120

3.6 months….$200


Investors who pay a couple of dollars per month are guaranteed consistent returns, good risk management and 24/7 support from the supposed professional traders.

All of this sounds good, but still many questions linger in my mind concerning this service.

Who runs Tom Lewis Trade Services?

The company’s website uses colorful language to attract new traders and investors.

They even claim to be registered by the SEC as a broker dealer and are allegedly a member of FINRA SIPC.

But a quick background check on the SEC and FINRA search portals reveals that this company has never been registered by the regulator.

You can check for yourself here.

That said, it looks like the devil is in the details.

I do not see how Tom Lewis Trade Services would boldly declare something that is false when they know it’s easy to verify this information.

It’s totally embarrassing and it leads people to believe that they are a fraudulent scheme as opposed to legitimate trading service provider.

No verifiable trading performance

This is the last nail on the coffin. The dudes cannot produce a single verifiable track record of their trading.

In fact, the website of Tom Lewis Trade Services was created in January 2021 yet they purport to have existed for many years.

They desperately want to create a veneer of legitimacy, hence the use of colorful language which goes overboard to the extent of lying that they’re registered with the SEC.

In short, Tom Lewis Trade Services refused to verify their trades and their trading performance.

They refuse to certify their legitimacy by not meeting this requirement.

Their only claim to fame is the act of posting ‘reviews and testimonials’ from customers on their website.

By the way, this vendor has even entered a deal with the popular reputation management company, TrustPilot.

This is to supplement the ‘testimonials’ which they already have on their website.

Is posting testimonials on a website equal to successful trading?

Absolutely no.

In fact, successful traders don’t bother posting testimonials on their websites because after all nobody will ever post a bad testimonial.

Reviews and testimonials of this kind give potential clients a skewed view of the service since they’re biased and sometimes shady vendors even cherry-pick them instead of being totally transparent.

We must also not rely on TrustPilot feedback as this platform is known to host scammers as long as they can pay their quarterly fee.

With a premium pack, TrustPilot users get added features which enable them to further manipulate clients into signing up with a false trading service.

So clearly this is a scam.


I want to make it clear that Tom Lewis Trade Services is a get-rich-quick service operated by top carnival barkers.

They are masters of world-class marketing as the site appears very trustworthy.

Everything you want can be found on the website, right from phone numbers to address, business hours and so on.

Indeed appearing on CNBC and Bloomberg will lend a lot of credibility to the character.

And if he is running a trading service just like Tom Lewis Trade Services, he is likely gonna rip off a lot of desperate people because of the false credibility.

People think he is real. He is successful. He knows the market.

This is one of the money games that a website like Tom Lewis Trade Services will play on the financially naïve.

Thanks for reading.

3 Responses to “Tom Lewis Trade Services Review: A Scam!”

  1. Richard says:

    I love Tom Lewis Trade service. Too bad you so unlucky to call it a scam

  2. Majid says:

    The administrator of this site is a thief and a swindler!
    I invested $ 2,000 in Plan Two 110 days ago!
    Two 25-day courses
    I have been requesting a withdrawal for 40 days, but they refuse!
    They say you have to pay another $ 5,000 to insure your capital !!!
    They are thieves and swindlers!
    Trust Pilot misleads people!
    It is not clear who approves joining this site and gives them five stars !!!

  3. Majid says:

    TomLewis are the best. Thou I thought they were scammers. I paid for my insurance and followed all necessary directives. I received my profits split. There signals has also been really helpful

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