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TitanGap Review: Beware of Scam

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In our TitanGap review, we highlight reasons why is a fraudulent broker whose trading platform is meant to deceive you before proceeding to steal your money. We’ve also noted that this broker is an offshore company that follows the exact pattern of scam sites offering fake trading services in jurisdictions like Cyprus and SVG.

TitanGap also operates a high yield investment program where consumers are promised returns after a certian duration.

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This is clearly an illegal investment program/ponzi scheme as it’s commonly associated with Forex and Crypto scams that disappear with investors’ funds on the internet every year.

In fact, not even a single person associated with these corny websites have ever paid out the promised returns without stealing the invested capital of other users.

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TitanGap Review and Overview

This fake broker is allegedly from Belize and is owned and operated by an entity known as IOS INVESTMENTS Limited.

IOS Investments Ltd is incorporated in the UK and Belize respectively. We suspect that the one in the UK is totally irrelavant to this TitanGap review as they’re not related at all.

It’s indeed true that there’s an IOS Investments Ltd in Belize (according to these records). We also found some evidence that this company is associated with another scam Forex broker called ForexTB.

The nature of the relationship between TitanGap and ForexTB is not clear as we just found out that the latter is referring to IOS Investments Ltd in their marketing literature.

What’s clear at this moment is that TitanGap is an offshore and unregulated broker that plays with investors’ psychology to convince them otherwise.

The website of this broker claims that their license with the the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) is still pending.

The fact of the matter is that IFSC is a toothless dog that is not known to enforce tough penalties on errant brokers. An IFSC license is as good as not having a license at all.

It just creates a veneer of legitimacy when the fact of the matter is that traders are not protected at all.

TitanGap knows this very well which is why they chose an offshore location like Belize to conduct their illegal operations from.

We’ve also noticed that this illegal broker is accepting traders and investors from all countries in the world including the US.

Brokers offering CFDs as financial instruments for trading are prohibited from accepting US citizens because these ‘financial instruments’ are illegal in the US.

In fact, US citizens will be guilty of a felony if they knowingly open an account with a broker like TitanGap. The consequences for both the broker and traders can be very serious.

How TitanGap intends to scam investors

This broker offers multiple account types where the minimum deposit starts at $500. However, investors typically lose more than the stated minimum because the broker has a way of persuading investors to deposit more money.

They’ll promise you good returns within a short time. They’ll even lie to you that you will get personalized support from a qualified staff who will be communicating with you on a weekly basis.

TitanGap takes it a notch further by claiming that traders who deposit more money will enjoy more frequent contact with their qualified staff.

It’s not clear whether this ‘broker’ is offering self-trading accounts. This is because they’re talking of ROI after a couple of days investing with them.

It seems the platform is purely operating on a deposit and withdraw profit kind of arrangement. Whatever the case, these folks are still a scam.

This is because TitanGap is clearly a market maker. If they were to pay out the profit, they would have to dig into their pocket. No scammer wants this.

TitanGap does not put your trades through to the global exchange where you can compete with other market participants like banks and retail traders.

They thrive in this business by trading against you as we have explained in this FXequity review.

All this time, an investor will be thinking that they’re trading the actual market. Because of this deception, it’s extremely difficult to make money. You will eventually lose everything that you gave this broker.

Wrapping it up

We’ve not seen any reviews of anywhere on the internet. We expect that these reviews will begin to resurface on the internet as the scammers will be looking to put more effort to get more victims.

As it currently stands, appears to be a CFDs broker cum high yield investment program. Both are considered illegal and a scam.

If you get involved in this kind of investing, you will lose your money and your chances for recovering the lost deposit will almost be nill (that is if you’re not aware of this advice).

Thanks for reading our review.

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  1. Definitely a scam Received fake deposit from them into Atomic Wallet with fake confirmation email that was supposed to be from Atomic Wallet support team

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