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Tiger FX Review: An Investment Scam?

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Tiger FX LLC is a company that purports to have a presence in the US and UK, and is doing business from

How do we determine whether this website is run by your typical Crypto thief?

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Why do we feel a bit skeptic, including it into this page which clearly highlights the most recommended Crypto investing services?

Well, the company claims that it mines Bitcoin and engages in Binary Options trading.

Tiger FX also claims that they’re mining in your most favorite currency, USD, GBD, AUD, BTC, CNY, EUR nd CAD.

The website was anonymously registered in August 2020. Their marketing materials has never disclosed who owns or runs this company.

Yet they claim to be the best Bitcoin mining and investing company.

At this point, we want proof of their “consistent performance” as advertised on the official website.

Is Tiger FX a real Bitcoin mining and investing company?

Tiger FX Review

The website is giving us the usual “investment plans” with daily payouts.

You should know that this pattern is consistent with that of HYIPs or ponzi schemes for that matter.

We’re looking at evidence of binary options trading and Bitcoin mining but can’t find any.

In addition to this, Tiger FX is providing two physical addresses which are unverifiable.

Tiger FX official website also contains generic information about Bitcoin mining in an attempt to explain why they are the “best”.

We already don’t like this level of anonymity.

Lack of transparency is also our greatest concern when it comes to dealing with companies that make money from collecting user deposits.

Is Tiger FX LLC a scam?

Yes this has to be a scam because there is zero evidence of revenue generation from sources like mining and trading.

The company does not have a brokerage platform and neither do they trade your money with any broker.

With regards to their “Bitcoin mining service”, we believe this company does not possess any mining hardware to facilitate this activity.

There is no proof that mining hardware exists in the hands of this anonymous website admin.

However, Tiger FX continues to look legitimate in the eyes of the less experienced because they’re even pointing to BTC transactions which are definitely not coming from their website.

There are no payouts coming from this website. Transaction is only one way in the sense that victims deposit money but are not getting it out when they want to.

Meanwhile, the scam artist who runs Tiger FX will keep posting fake returns and claiming that they’ve mined and traded Binary options to produce those returns.

When you want to “withdraw” your profits, you will encounter one hurdle after the other.

The most typical scam job that you will face is being asked to pay additional fees in order to withdraw your “profits”.

In the first place there are no profits. What you see on your dashboard is fake figures.

Fake Trustpilot reviews

The company is leveraging on fake Trustpilot reviews to convince more people.

It must look legitimate if it has a lot of glowing “reviews” from this platform.

What most people don’t know is that Trustpilot is the Mecca of fake reviews from doggy vendors.

You pay up and the admins will let you post as many fake reviews as you’d like.

In the end, the fake reviews will rank on Google and any person looking for Bitcoin mining services will definitely fall into the trap of Tiger FX.


Tiger FX is your typical HYIP with zero truthfulness. Everything they tell you on this website is a lie, including their “achievement” numbers.

Don’t believe them even if they tell you that they’re in the fintech industry.

An LLC incorporation does not mean the company is licensed and authorized to provide financial services.

Besides being illegal, all the red flags on this website tell us that this is a fake mining fraud.

The Crypto scammer has nothing else to do but snatch your money and run away.

Probably Tiger FX will close down once the owner has made away with a few Bitcoin.

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