Ticino Trader Review: Trade Mentoring or Scam?

Ticino Trader is a futures trading education website where students can receive “complete scalable trading solution for professional fulltime traders“.

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In addition to this, Ticino Trader is peddling “cutting-edge market and risk analysis training/tools for institutions.

The vendor is selling trading education for the Future, Commodities and FX markets.

We still feel that these trading tools and services are still the leading products you can purchase or subscribe to.

Ticino Trader review

For traders who are not interested in the full education, the vendor has created articles, videos and chartbook packages where monthly subscription ranges from $2 to $10. This information can be found at patreon.com.

Currently, Ticino Trader is operating from the domain ticinotrader.ch and providing 3 different types of training and mentoring services.

These include Playbook (costs CHF 185/monthly), Private Mentoring (costs EUR 8750) and 1-on-1 training at a cost of EUR 3750.

However, students who sign up for either of the packages will gain free access to the vendor’s proprietary S/R Study and settingsĀ including layouts and scripts they use in SierraCharts.

Charts also include “footprints, heatmaps, trading dom, market and volume profile” and so on.

In the 1-on-1 training, the vendor is providing training in 4 parts where each part takes 3 to 4 hours to complete.

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They claim that each of the 4 parts teach trading strategies like swing, long-term and scalping and how to create a trading plan.

Students must also sign a non-disclosure agreement before they get started.

The question is whether Ticino Trader is a reliable futures trading education website or a charlatan trying to make money off the financially ignorant.

Ticino Trader Review

The vendor’s strategy comes across as solid and focused.

However, due to the way they present their solutions to trading the futures market, we find it a bit convoluted.

They feel that traders have to understand the behavior of other market participants.

In addition to this, they claim that knowing what’s behind price movement will eliminate the need for lagging indicators.

They believe that their “proven strategy” has an edge and will not be rendered obsolete even if many traders adapt the same strategies taught in this trading school.

What you must know about Ticino Trader

I have no idea why a truly successful trader of futures and commodities market would spend most of their time teaching and not live trading.

Which of the two is more profitable? Teaching or trading for themselves?

All those people on the internet who call themselves traders are actually not traders but google marketers.

Unless a trading educator is willing to produce their redacted broker statement showing the history of their live trades, there’s no reason to believe their “strategy”.

So the question is this: does this vendor have a verifiable track record of successful trading?

You can guess that this is something that almost no vendor in the marketplace can produce unless they are 100% transparent.

Unfortunately Ticino Trader is only inviting students to discuss how they can sign up for the PlayBook or mentoring but not asking them to use contact details for sensitive inquiries like “can you show me your redacted trading statement for the last 3 months?”


My initial impression was positive about this service.

They seem to have put together a “strategy” that can work but there’s no proof of which traders are successful with the strategy.

There is still an element of shady marketing tactics on this website.

All those YouTube videos and demonstration do not provide any proof of successful trading.

I hope the owner of Ticino Trader will read this review and consider making his service competitive and transparent enough because currently, there’s nothing legitimate about the service apart from the charts they create for traders.

One Response to Ticino Trader Review: Trade Mentoring or Scam?

  1. Jose says:

    Agree 100%

    Great chart books are offered for Sierra Chart, but he will not provide a track record.

    Why not?

    I can provide mine. Itā€™s a losing track record, and if I was successful, Iā€™d be more than happy to share that too.

    He is a nice guy, but unfortunately I do not think he is a successful trader.

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