Tiamarkets Review: Scam Passive Investment

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Tiamarkets.com is purporting to be a passive investment platform.

They’ve integrated what seems to be an MT4 trading platform. Unfortunately, there is no way to access this trading platform since one has to deposit first.

Secondly, Tiamarkets does not offer any demo. You need to trade with a legit broker who can offer you the best trading environment.

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The way we see it is that the owner of this website was unable to make up his mind on whether he wanted to run a ponzi scheme or a broker.

However, they keep suggesting on the website that Tiamarkets is generating revenue through trading.

TiaMarkets review

We managed to sign up and look into the platform. What we found was a matrix kind of platform where people join based on invitation.

This confirmed to us that Tiamarkets is actually a ponzi scheme that claims to generate ROIs from trading.

Is Tiamarkets legit?

This website can never be legitimate because ponzi schemes are illegal.

Once victims sign up, they are required to make a deposit in order to activate the “investing features” of the website.

The user-interface actually has a section where one can see who have joined the platform before.

This kind of MLM setup will scam you because as it currently stands, we don’t know the owner of this ponzi scheme and they’re not regulated to offer any kind of financial service.

To make matters worse, there is not trading that is taking place at Tiamarkets.com.

The website is very new and we expect that it will disappear soon since these kinds of “investing websites” are often short-lived.


Don’t “invest” with this website because clearly you’ll lose whatever deposit you have sent them.

Trading does not involve investing in ponzi schemes. It involves actual trading of the financial markets where MT4, MT5 or any other trading software is involved.

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