Thomson Venture Capital Partners Review: Unauthorized Financial Service

Thomson Venture Capital Partners has been blacklisted by the UK financial regulator (the FCA) for targeting UK residents. The company whose web presence can be found here is possibly a big scam. Even their website shows that financial dealings through their server is not secured. Trusting such a company can be costly.

Before we review it, we’d like to let you know that even if you lost money to this company or any other investment scam on the web, there’s always a recourse. You can claim back and RECOVER YOUR MONEY if you follow the instructions here.

Who is Thomson Venture Capital Partners?

They are a company that claims to be based in the US offering a range of financial services such as merger & acquisition, debt, growth and equity advisory.

As you can see, the company is possibly dealing with large sums of money as these areas typically involve businesses dealing in millions of USD.

It’s not clear which people are behind this company as their identities are concealed. The company does not have any social media profiles.

A quick search on the internet does not reveal any details of company owners, their activities or clients that they have served.

Not only is this scary, but it is also very risky to deal with such a company especially that the entity is attracting both individuals and businesses that are transacting huge capital.

Thomson Venture Capital Partners is an illegal platform

They are targeting UK residents with the unregulated financial service. This is quite risky. We are encouraging you to avoid such a platform at all cost because it is not safe.

If it is unregulated, any loss that occurs as a result of dealing with them will not be compensated.

Also, you need to ask yourself why Thomson Venture Capital Partners is not willing to seek licensing despite knowing very well that it is targeting a market where financial services are regulated.

Could this be a clever scam? Of course. This is a red flag. Ultimately, anyone dealing with this company may lose their funds.

The Conclusion

We urge you to avoid Thomson Venture Capital Partners at all cost. We feel that it is not safe to transact with them. Even the financial regulators don’t feel safe either.

It is just a matter of time before you will see complaints on the internet from people who have been scammed.

Right now we have a strong red flag because despite the company claiming to offer professional financial advisory services, they don’t have a good online presence. Please avoid and stay safe.