Review: Scam Trading by Thomas Kralow

Thomas Kralow is running a trading school at where he peddles a mind-boggling 16 chapters trading education going for thousands of dollars.

This includes 202 videos, 82 interactive tasks, 145+ quizzes and a huge number of real trading examples. Nonetheless, your instincts will tell you that you’re about to be scammed, the moment you remove your credit card to pay this salesman. If you’re reading this, I advice you to avoid salesmen and go for real traders who teach as a part time hobby and not because they need your money.

Mr. Kralow appears to be a world-class internet marketer. He wants to make as much money as possible in the shortest period of time. This is why the company is currently charging thousands of dollars in tution fees.

The company’s website is proclaiming to offer University grade trading education as well. This is supposed to justify the 5 month duration that consumers will take to finish the course.

This dude also runs a separate Forex signals business called Consumers of his trade ideas are charged $67 monthly or $569 yearly but no verifiable trading performance is ever presented to the subscribers.

Additionally, website is offering trading education for both beginners and experienced traders.

This is further broken down into standard or assisted trading education, which creates more opportunities to cash in from the financially hungry.

Thomas Kralow is basically a self proclaimed trading guru that puts himself above all the other prominent educators such as Nick Deflorio.

And even if there is some value in his trading education, I am of the view that is nothing more than a diploma mill looking to take maximum advantage of the financially naive.

For that reason, I implore traders to look for the best trading products here. Review: Course Details and a few pros

Apart from the fundamental and technical aspects of trading, Mr. Thomas Kralow wants to teach his students the following:

  1. Trading psychology
  2. Risk management
  3. Personal algorithm (he doesn’t delve much into the details)
  4. Correct mindset and expectation

In addition to the above, Mr. Kralow believes that no single pattern will work, hence the reason he wants to teach his students how to trade all patterns at any given time.

Having said that, I still believe that the website is good looking and fairly organized. The presentation on this website is super-duper.

I glanced at the course description and found a lot of information. The company is also boasting of Trustpilot reviews but this is what puts me off since the platform is basically a fraudulent reputation management website. It is the Mecca of fake reviews and customer feedback.

Any trading school that decides to use the services of Trustpilot is basically sending a warning to those who bother to investigate before spending money on the internet.

Thomas Kralow = pure fancy

You can’t investigate a trading school like while not asking yourself any questions.

You see, this guy is a self-proclaimed trading guru that offers “University grade trading education”.

If this is the case, who are the instructors? What is their qualification and do they have a verified track record of profitable trading?

Unfortunately, the company does not have a substantive answer. Instead, they provide vague marketing information like “25 years of experience among our analysts” and such like statements.

In my opinion, this is marketing fluff. It does not make me understand why I should invest thousands of dollars on the trading education.

That said, I also sort to find out whether Mr. Thomas Kralow is actually trading. I expect that a decent website like can only be run by a professional trader.

Unfortunately, the entire website does not provide proof of profitable trading, despite knowing that free statement sharing platforms like myfxbook do exist.

The company’s website is only stating on a graph that they’ve made “verified profit of 9 million dollars” but these stats are actually unverifiable.

Also, no losses or drawdown has been talked about on the Thomas Kralow website. They appear to be extremely focused on selling the expensive course.

The Conclusion

Ultimately, these fancy websites are only targeting moneyed victims. They don’t care about the financial welfare of the subject.

If you are not financially educated, you can easily be distracted by a website that has fancy graphics.

A marketing charlatan will further convince you to place your financial future into their hands because they have “stellar trustpilot reviews”.

They end up making thousands of dollars a year while their victims continue to languish in poverty and losses.

That said, is just another clever but worthless trading education product.

I would like to hear your feedback regarding this review. Also, as for Mr. Thomas Kralow, you can shoot me an email to argue your case.