Thestockwhisperer Review: The Stephanie Kammerman Scam -

Thestockwhisperer Review: The Stephanie Kammerman Scam

Welcome to thestockwhisperer review. The Stock Whisperer is owned and operated by Stephanie Kammerman.

Ms Stephanie also owns

The Stock Whisperer offers an opportunity to “learn” day trading through Stephanie’s trading room called “The Java Pit”.

Stephanie proclaims that she has 26 years of experience trading stocks and futures and yet this trading school appeared in 2015.

She claims to have mentored and trained thousands of students. Of course none of this information can be verified.

Nonetheless, the sales page continues to coo that Ms Stephanie supposedly posses the supernatural ability to read and understand the world of “Dark Pool” trading.

Furthermore, access to the “Java Pit” trading room costs $100 per month. Once students subscribe for this access, they will learn intra-day stocks trading.

If traders want additional lessons, Stephanie Kammerman offers them in form of educational webinars. These trading educational products are sold and priced as separate products. The following is a list of educational products found at thestockwhisperer website:

  • Trading Bootcamp……..$3,000
  • Swing Trading Bootcamp…..$1,849
  • Introduction to Day Trading……..$100
  • Introduction to Swing Trading……$100

∗The above prices are rounded off to the nearest figure.

We find Stephanie to be a very entertaining character indeed.

The owner of theStockWhisperer has suddenly turned into a stock trading guru and a mentor who has successfully taught thousands of students.

The Stock Whisperer review

This “financial guru” used to appear on a certain reality TV show (she is no longer hosting this program).

Today she claims to have the ability to divine the world of stock trading and can follow the footsteps of the BIG Money players.

She also reassures her students that trading and making money from the stocks and futures market is so easy that everyone can do it.

Is the Stock Whisperer a scam? And most importantly, is Stephanie of theStockWhisperer a fraud?

We have gone to great lengths to investigate this stock trading school and we have found lots of exciting things to say about this trading school and the owner, Stephanie Kammerman.

The Stock Whisperer review

There are many embarrassing truths that Ms Stephanie does not want you to know. We’ll tackle them one by one.

First of all, selling of financial products first emerged sometime in 2015.

However, activities involving the domain where TheStockWhisperer website is hosted at can be traced back to the year 2013.

We doubt if it was then owned and operated by Stephanie because prior to this year, your stock trading guru was actually an inspiring music artist appearing on the two most popular talent shows……. the American Got Talent and the American Idol.

The following YouTube video links will show you how a talented singer your “financial guru” was.

My Secret

Don’t let Wall Street Knock you down by Stephanie Kammerman

You Gotta live

That aside, theStockWhisperer trading school is an exciting website. The owner makes wild and outrageous proclamations of alleged success.

She claims to have an outstanding track record of trading. Her win rate is an impossible 93.6% while annual returns are allegedly 2181%.

Furthermore, Ms. Stephanie Kammerman of the Stock Whisperer claims that she has been featured on various financial news channels such as Bloomberg Television, MSNBC, Fox News, Gold Channel, CNBC among others.

None of the above proclamations can ever be true.

In fact, trading educators like Stephanie Kammerman have carved out a special niche which they use to fool naive consumers into paying thousands of dollars believing they’re paying for the most kept Wall Street secret.

Successful promoters of fake trading education have one thing in common: they’re all excellent silver tongued sales people.

Most of them sell some unique secret that only them can teach. Others like Michael Aston of Trading Template claim to leverage on the power of Jesus to make them expert in the subject of futures and stocks trading.

Down the road, you’ll find some that claim to use astrology to trade like Wall Street folks.

If they’re not using Fibonacci, they’re teaching order flow analytics or some strange-sounding mathematical formulas.

To be specific, Stephanie Kammerman of The Stock Whisperer has carved out her niche in Sexuality.

She manages to blend sexuality with trading so well that consumers are almost believing her false narratives.

For example, she claims that she understands the mysterious “dark pools of trading Volume” and is achieving amazing success rate, thanks to this secret.

The owner of TheStockWhisperer proclaims to have the special ability to follow the big Traders.

Sexuality+Dark Pools trading volume=yummy sandwich of mystique, entertaining storytelling.

Which audience attends the Stock Whisperer chat room?

Stephanie Kammerman is naturally an entertainer. She has also managed to attract a bunch of middle-aged white male clients who enjoy her “sexy talk”.

The financially-hungry are told that one of Stephanie’s best trade setups is when price touches her T-spot.

This audience is naturally captivated by her doze of sexual talk.

The owner of the Stock Whisperer website also likes to make the following statement:

I am a day trader by day, and a swing trader by night.

TheStockWhisperer review: Can Stephanie produce her track record?

Out of this audience, one or two guys will be incredibly gullible. They’ll believe everything that Stephanie says concerning her trading.

After learning about Stock Whisperer and how the owner was pitching her business to naive white male folks, we decided to send a track record request.

Guess what, we got no response.

Yet her website depicts a successful track record of trading. The results look incredible and to some extent real. However, her sales pitch is marked with juvenile undertones.

You don’t have to be so smart to believe that this lady is actually selling you financial snake oil and seducing her audience with an intent of making them purchase the product.


Thanks for reading thestockwhisperer review.

The Stock Whisperer is run by a comedian and an entertainer who has no idea how to present proof of successful trading.

She is running the Stock Whisperer website because she’s got to pay her bills. After getting a nasty rejection from American Idol TV show, she most likely wondered how to pay for her next meal.

She started browsing on the internet and discovered that guys like Mike Valtos of Orderflows were making a decent income selling order flow analytics to financially-desperate consumers.

The owner the Stock Whisperer website is a good marketer. But she will need to provide proof of trading success for a review like this to be updated accordingly.


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