TheoTrade Review: Is it a Scam?

Welcome to the TheoTrade review. is a trading school by Don Kaufman and other trading educators. This guy also runs another sales page called where he peddles “The Great American Income Project“. The Infinity Trader webpage mainly targets the financially unsophisticated, making them believe that Don Kaufmann is a multi-millionaire trader who makes all his money from the stock market.

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While it’s true that we can make a lot of money trading the stocks and options market, the truth is that neither Theotrade nor Infinity Trader will get you there. That’s the reason I’m recommending the easy and safe way to learn the stock market under someone who is very humble, knowledgeable and not greedy for your money.

The website is where Don Kaufmann is offering his trading education for stocks, futures and options.

According to the company’s marketing materials, TheoTrade, LLC is also providing investment advice to registered investment advisors (RIAs) and retail brokerage firms.

Don Kaufmann and his team of instructors are selling access to dozens of trading classes. Membership can be purchased for individual classes even if a student is not registered with TheoTrade yet.

However, if a student would like to purchase an entire cocktail of trading education, TheoTrade will provide a glassful for $99 per month or for a one-time fee of $997.

You can find good automated software and manual indicators for trading currencies here.

The list of topics and classes to go through is mind-boggling and most of the titles sound nothing but gimmicky.’s list of products and services appear to be yet another cash-cow for the owners of the website, given them number of courses that individuals are always being tempted to take.

TheoTrade LLC is a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their admins can be contacted on or by phone 1 (800) 256-8876.

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Nevertheless, if you were considering this trading school, you need to take a few minutes and go through our analysis of the website and its product offering.

Thanks for taking time to read TheoTrade review. Here’s what we have to say.

TheoTrade review

The trading school is targeting traders of all levels. They allegedly offer “stellar” market education in Stock, Options, Futures and Currencies trading.

They claim that their instructors have a minimum trading experience of 15 years…. a claim that is hard to authenticate.

Just like Basecamp Trading, Theo Trade peddles a Walmart of trading courses and techniques.

The following is a list of items that the financially desperate and naive can buy if they wish to trade like professionals:

  • Trend trading stocks intra-day classes
  • Trading VIX Options Course
  • Strategy Week: Using High Probability Options Strategies
  • Professor Jeff Bierman’s 15 Class Bundle (The Professor’s Package)
  • Beginners Guide to Trading Intraday Futures Class
  • FruitFly For Consistent Income Class
  • Trading Earnings Formula Class
  • Selling Options For A Living Class

The list is quite long but one thing is clear; these titles are gimmicky…. the kind of titles that can be crafted by investment hustlers.

Additionally, Don Kaufmann are peddling a free e-Book and newsletter. This newsletter allegedly contains trade ideas that can make money.

TheoChart live trading room is also provided to those who want answers to their questions. The company claims that they offer unparalleled support.

There’s another snake oil that Don Kaufmann and his team are peddling. This one is called “Your 3 Step Formula for Trading Success”.

When you take this course, you will apparently learn the formula that professional traders have enjoyed since the markets were created.

These guys are literally claiming that they’ll take Wall Street ideology and offer it to the student who is serious about success.

They also claim that their website ( has been featured on prominent media outlets such as Bloomberg, Financial Times, Fox News etc.

Nearly every trading educator out there has said that their work was featured on these websites.

In fact, we’ve come to know that out of all the trading educators and investment hustlers who make these claims, probably only 5% have made it to these media houses.

The rest are feigning legitimacy and that’s the case with a trading school like

Theo Trade and the infamous StockTwits platform

What is Stock Twits?

Stock Twits is a social media of investment fraud.

It facilitates the spread of fraudulent trading products and services on the internet. A month can hardly pass by without receiving a complaint from a victim who was caught up in an investment fraud involving the Stock Twits platform.

Now, the stories are quite similar and no wonder Theo Trade is also marketing its products on Stock Twits with the intent of finding investors who are hungry for financial snake oil.

The stories usually take this route;

An investor visits Stock Twits, finds a money manager that promises to make them huge profits with careful risk management.

The investor sends their money and after a couple of months, the wealth manager disappears with their money, leaving the victim with a fraudulently-produced brokerage statement.

There are 20.5k followers of TheoTrade on Stock Twits.

We’re not saying TheoTrade is going to disappear with your money in the classical fashion of a hedge fund scammer.

However, we believe that Don Kaufmann and his team of “trading educators” are fun and entertaining showmen.

They can make you believe that they’re teaching a secret magical trading strategy that will surely make you wealthy.

We believe that their live trading room is equally entertaining because they use the right words to appeal to their audience.

There’s no trial whatsoever. But they claim you can reduce risk to protect your capital.

To establish the truth, we need trading performance record. We need to know whether Don Kaufmann is trading a live account using his theories.

This is the only way to authenticate the claim that Theo Trade can teach and demonstrate in a live account how to reduce risk and protect capital.

Trading results for Theo Trade

Are these guys trading with a real account? No.

If they were trading with a real account, they would have been quick to post their live trading results on their website.

If trading currencies or any other instruments, it’s a honorable thing to include a link to their account.

We need transparent results documented by third-party verification platform. The most popular one being

The Conclusion

TheoTrade is an interesting company and trading education platform.

A trading educator that cannot demonstrate what they teach on a live trading account is definitely an investment hustler peddling bogus products.

It does not matter whether they use fancy titles such as Professor Jeff Bierman, Wallstreet trader, instructor with more than 15 years of experience etc.

The bottom line is always the bottom line. If there’s no proof of successful trading, then it means the vendor is selling a lie to you.

Thanks for reading the TheoTrade review. We’re looking forward to your comments.

11 Responses to “TheoTrade Review: Is it a Scam?”



    When I use EXAMPLE FOR SWING TRADING OVER ONE MONTH TO DETERMINE IF I can generate $1,000 / mo their “rep”claims he cannot understand me
    Theo profits primarily from 4 month duration in /out spreads & debit / credit spreads my level 2 does not allow those spreads yet theo rep claims LEVEL 2 IS ALL I NEED THEY ARE LICENSED BROKERS AND CAN WALK THRU ALL CONTINGENCIES yet their indemnification prohibits them from offering financial advice I joined under one chance only for $297 @ 3 mo next day he offered $99 mo deal w/ texted recos they did not text recos I HAD TO HOUND THEM W/ EMAILS FOR 3 DAYS TO LEARN HOW TO GET TEXTS FROM THEM THEY want me to ACAT transfer from ETRADE to TRADEWORKS (7-10 DAY PROCESS) UPGRADE TO TIER 2 MARGIN APPROVAL I WANT SAFETY NOT MARGIN JEOPARDY ETRADE has not heard of Tradeworks THEO IS ENDORSED BY K OLEARY OF SHARK TANK A pic w/ shark tank does not make them legit !!!!!!!!I Initially I accused THEO of being a fee junkie— not a trader I believe I AM RIGHT AFTER PERUSING TH ABOVE REVIEW they push HUNDREDS OF LIBRARY RECORDINGS BUT NO THIRD PARTY TRADE VERIFICATIONS I WILL GET MY REFUND FROM BOA

  2. Jason Stoffers says:

    I watched their little stock webinar and Don talks a hell of a game but its because hes trying to sell a service. Before i clicked to watch the little video he had an advertisement about a free product thats really why i clicked to watch the video but just as i thought it wasnt free the video explained how hes a genius trader and how he recognizes a surge in the stock market that no one sees. After watching the video he goes onto promote his business and sell his signal service saying he is selling it for almost nothing and even breaks it up into 4 payments and that free product is included in the package so its not free so he basically misleads you from the jump. Im so glad you can research people quickly these days because there are some real greasy scumbags out there that dont care if they put you and your family out in the street whats even crazier these platforms know they are scamming people and still allow them to use their platform to do so especially youtube they should be helping people get real knowledge instead tgey know these scumbags are ripping off their viewers and dont care. Everyone stay safe and find real god bless

  3. Faiyaz Razak says:

    I joined and regret it. Can’t get my money back either.

  4. Steve BigBucks says:

    I joined and love it. Trading is not easy, but they give you the best they can every day. If you are motivated to learn and are willing to put in the effort, Don and crew will make you into somebody. You are the one that implements what the master teaches. If you don’t want to listen, don’t blame the guru. Yes, they make money, and they deserve it! And they do trade from live accounts! DUH!

  5. Jeff says:

    Faiyaz, any luck on getting money back? Dumb and same here! STAY AWAY!

  6. Erez Hartal says:

    I used a lot of services. Don kaufman is excellent. But it requires diligence and effort. They are not crooks. Their sales pitch might be. But everyone plays that game. But Jeffery Bierman is excellent. His market commentary is spot on I made a lot of money following Don. He is a very advanced trader. Corey Rosenbaum also one of the better ones. My only complaint is it is hard to get answers they are swamped with a lot of clients. But I work hard. It is not easy. I love it.Every penny invested is worth it.

  7. Kenneth McGalliard says:

    These guys are the only service that truly care that you become successful in trading. only ones that teach you that no system is 100%. they teach you how to recognize high probability trade setups. and even then can still lose. they teach you proper trade position sizing, so no single loss devastates your account. there is no majic bullet. you think of the risk first. wish i met them before some of the others out there that devastated my account. there classes have helped me start to replenish my account. wish the price was half the price. one other thing need to spend the time to learn and practice the strategies to be successful and always learn the enter and exit criteria of any trade. AS Don says if worried about trade and cant sleep then position size too big.

  8. Robert (Bob) Dieterich says:

    I asked for a refund and got it at once!
    my only problem with Theo Trade is the HUGE
    amount of information…like getting a drink from a fire hydrant
    While Don is not the only legit guru out there
    (I have made money with him and others) his current offering of sending exact trades this time around is new
    Excellent service

  9. Raymond says:

    Got scammed by this company. Stated in the introductory video that you would receive 3-5 trades a week. A month later, I received just a few. Salesman Charlie was unhelpful and Customer Service Brian was very unprofessional. Both were caught telling me lies. I don’t recommend this company. I made a complaint to the founder, Don Kaufman about the terrible and unprofessional service and to inform him that I didn’t get anywhere close to the trades that he stated we would receive and the email was intercepted by a company employee which terminated my service. Shame on these people. I do not recommend.

  10. Terry Lamb says:

    You guys are full of shit as a christmas turkey. I’ve been trading with theotrade for 6 years and their educational information is terrific. Most of the complaints I have read are pure bullshit. I am not an employee nor am I paid for this review. I have learned more about trading with theotrade in 6 years than I have learned from other training sites in 20 years. Go after some legitimate scams.

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