Review: A Gold Scam? - Review: A Gold Scam? is supposedly selling Gold and other precious metals at superior prices.

A Kilo of Gold at The Financial Market Place is currently going for $64,048.78 which is not a far cry from the Gold spot price.

One of the hallmarks of a scam is that a company like will come to you peddling Gold for a price that is way below the spot price.

While this website has ticked the first checkbox, we endeavor to look at other factors before we can decide to buy or not to buy their products.

The Financial Market Place is allegedly going to ship precious metals when you pay them a certain amount for the items.

The Financial Market Place review

They claim that their plan is to help you adapt your strategy in a way that helps you attain your financial goals.

They also claim that their experts provide investing advice to individuals and institutions.

The question is whether actually has the precious metals which they sell online.

The second question is whether they will actually ship your precious metals since we do not have any reviews or feedback on the internet from people who have benefited from the services of this company.

Is TheFinancialMarketplace Legit?

To answer this question, we look into several factors such as company details, location and whether or not they’ve sold precious metals to clients before.

The company behind The Financial Market Place is called Forex Global Solutions inc.

We suspect that this company has a relationship with a website called which provides managed Forex accounts with no verifiable trading performance.

If you want to invest in Forex trading, you should check out these recommendations.

While this Gold-selling company appears to be a legitimate source of buying precious metals, one thing that raises a red flag is the fact that they currently have zero reviews or recognition on the internet.

If they actually sell to clients from around the world (as claimed on the sales page), we should see feedback from those clients already.


We’re actually seated on the fence as we can’t recommend a Gold investment business that currently has no BBB feedback or reviews from investors.


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