The Wealthy Investor Review

Tyrone Jackson is peddling investment advice through the Wealthy Investor (thewealthyinvestor) website.

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He also owns where investment advice costs $49 per month and $99 every month thereafter.

Other products go for $89, $139 and $279 respectively. It depends which product a student is willing to pick.

Students who subscribe are also going to learn the following:

  • How to create a million dollar retirement account
  • How to achieve financial freedom in 5 years
  • How to trade volatility/day trading
  • Weekly stock picks

Also, with Tyrone Jackson’s investment advice, you can earn between $2,000 or $5,000 per month in volatility trading.

the wealthy investor review
The Wealthy Investor

Mr. Jackson of The Wealthy Investor has been seen peddling investment advice in the media through The Network Journal, MoneyShow, Daily News, and so on.

He sells stock trading education, e-books and recorded webinars (some of which are outdated since he’s talking of stock picks for 2019).

Note: these trading and investment resources can change the way you trade currency pairs or Crypto.

Is The Wealthy Investor legit?

No, this trading school and investment advice/stock picking website is not legit.

If Tyrone is a smart investor who knows the formula to making riches, why is he selling his secret formula in the first place?

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Secondly, if he is a successful stock trader, he should be proud with his trading results.

Nevertheless, it seems that the owner of the Wealthy Investor website does not have a redacted statement for his live trading.

In the “results” section of the website, Tyrone has instead posted “testimonials of his students”.

It’s hard to verify these testimonials. The easiest way to prove that you’re a successful trader is by providing a redacted broker statement showing your live trades.

Unfortunately, Tyrone does not document his live trades, which means he is not a professional trader but a trading educator and a marketer.

The question is whether you’ll make money consuming “knowledge” that has never been demonstrated to work.

Should you buy The Wealthy Investor products?

Don’t waste your money or time spending on these products just yet.

The secret to becoming rich like Tyrone of The Wealthy Investor is not worth a couple of dollars.

If you see someone peddling investment advice that “lead to financial freedom”, he is basically selling regurgitated information found on the internet for free.


Thanks for reading our review. Tyrone is just another internet marketer and investment charlatan.

He is also not licensed to provide investment advisory services to anyone.

With that in mind, you should know that Tyrone is neither qualified nor experienced in trading.

He makes his money by selling investment recommendations and not by trading.

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  1. Robert says:

    where is the bestplace to learn about whatTyrone Jackson is talking about?

    1. Joseph S. Caudill says:


      I do NOT know what Tyrone Jackson is talking about; However I do know what should be his
      residence address. JSC@CaudillandCompany.Com
      You could write to him and ask this question.


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