The Trading Room Review: Is Scam?

The Trading Room is a website that peddles a live chatroom experience where students can “experience supreme trading” for 90 minutes each morning.

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The Trading Room is running its business from a 20+ year old domain called was registered under Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C in 1998 before it was acquired by Rios Quantitative LLC in 2012.

However, on the Trading Room website, marketing materials proclaim that the service has existed since 1997.

While this is true to some extent, the owner of this website is trying to take advantage of a history which he is not part of.

It gives the impression that the owner (Joe Garcia-Rios) is trying to create an experience which he actually does not have.

Mr. Joe Garcia-Rios has officially operated the Trading Room since 2012.

the trading room review

What kind of products and services does he offer?

He offers a bunch of “proprietary trading systems” which includes the following:

  • iNewton
  • RQ Einstein III
  • RQ Tech
  • GnosTick
  • Advanz Auto4K
  • Advanz Auto Route

Mr. Joe Garcia-Rios claims on his website that these trading systems have been tested and developed for 20 years.

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We obviously can’t verify this statement because as far as we know it, The Trading Room website officially started operating in the hands of Mr. Rios in 2012.

Of course the marketing does not stop there. There are several ridiculous proclamations on this website.

Here are some of the statements:

“Recipient of Trade Titan Award ® for 7 consecutive years”

“The Top 1% of the trading rooms worldwide”

And so much more…

Is The Trading Room legit?

To answer this question, we need to consider several factors and one of them has to be whether the self-proclaimed expert trader Mr. Joe Garcia-Rios has a track record of profitable live trading.

Mr. Joe Garcia-Rios has branded himself as an expert in creating trading strategies and automated systems.

He claims on his Linkedin profile that he has worked at Wallstreet for 29 years.

He allegedly worked for Prudential Securities, Citibank and Salomon Smith Barney.

He also claims to have received awards from Franklin Templeton Group and Oppenheimer Funds.

This is quite an impressive resume…. if at all all of these proclamations are true.

But where is live trading performance to prove this prowess?

Well, according to the website’s disclaimer, all trading results are hypothetical and do not represent actual trading.

We do not expect a veteran trader to rely on hypothetical trades but rather use live trades from a live brokerage account.

If he cannot demonstrate the viability of his trading indicators, then it simply means he lacks confidence in his own products.

They simply don’t make money.


Students of the Trading Room can request a free demo.

Prices are not published upfront on the official website. We suspect that these indicators cost to the tune of thousands of dollars.

The marketing is good. But when it comes to results, we have zero transparency.

I am hoping that a representative of Rios Quantitative LLC or will ultimately read this review to present their case.

In the meantime, we’re not qualifying this website into our list of recommended trading products and services.

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