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The Forex Helper Review

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The Forex Helper is a service that provides trade alerts, mentorship, managed accounts and an ebook.

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Markets covered include Forex, Stock, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrency.

The service is charging $29 per month for signals that cover all of the above markets.

The Forex Helper has 3 other packages for its customers. Apart from the signals, they charge $39.99 monthly for their managed account.

I don’t know how this works because managed accounts work on the basis of profit sharing.

Unfortunately, this fixed monthly fee is going to be deducted from your account whether there’s profit or not.

The other signals package costs $59. This is a one-time payment.

To qualify for this package, you must choose The Forex Helper’s affiliated broker and deposit at least $300.

Personal mentorship services cost $4,750. In this “personal mentorship” course, students acquire the following:

*Secrets of the financial investment industry

*3 one-on-one session with the vendor (lasting 1 hour per session)

*4 months of free account management

*Learn rare skills that can be used anywhere, anytime (quite vague)

The vendor is only known as Gabriel. Their location is unknown.

However, I suspect they’re from the US.

With so many red flags already, I wonder how this service can compete with these professional vendors who sell credible trading products.

Is The Forex Helper Legit?

No, this service is not legit. For a service like this to charge $4,750, they must introduce themselves to the community for transparency.

the forex helper review

Secondly, they must prove that they are full time professional trader with a strong track record.

I’ve looked at the sales pitch used to promote the ebook as well.

The e-book costs $24 and the sales pitch proclaim that students will get 90% win rate and grow wealthy with an investment of $50 or less.

This is obviously the language of a scammer.

Should you invest with The Forex Helper?

This service is not going to help you make any money.

Based on the sales pitch, the vendor is basically selling you an illusion.

With no past performance or track record, one can’t be entitled to charge any money for their “services”.


Avoid this scam at all cost. The Forex Helper is basically a sales page designed to make money by selling trading products and services.

Gabriel is going to defraud you by selling you what does not work.

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