The Financial Investment Group Review: The Scam (

This review of the The Financial Investment Group aka FinancialiG shows that this broker and company is a scam. If you have lost any money in the hands of these crooks, we urge you to RECOVER IT HERE because letting the scammers enjoy the loot will only encourage them to keep doing what they do best.

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The Financial Investment Group Review

The illegitimate financial service is offered on this web address ( They are pretending to be a premium Forex and CFDs broker.

This is a trick that is often used by the crooks in the financial industry. A couple of examples that we have on file include AlphaFXPrime, and Fundiza Ltd.

The Financial Investment Group is operating out of the UK and their website is one of the most attractive we have ever seen on a broker’s platform.

Unfortunately, we are not able to tell who is running the platform because the website does not dare to disclose such details.

We find this very disturbing considering that the scammers are hoping to take a minimum deposit of $250 and up to $100,000 if they meet a gullible investor.

The Financial Investment Group is not licensed

While they operate in the UK, they do not have a valid Forex broker’s license from the FCA. Apart from that, the Ontario Securities Commission has also sounded an alarm that this scam broker is targeting Canadians illegally.

Very soon they will also get blacklisted by the FCA (financial regulator in the UK) because that is their home country and they are still continuing with the fraud despite not having a valid license.

We have always warned investors not to take chances with such websites because the intentions of those who run them is always not good.

Also, if you are an investor who has wired funds to the Financial Investment Group bank account, losing that money will mean that you are not entitled to getting a compensation from the relevant entities.

How intends to scam you

They are using calculating moves to win your trust. That is why they have a website that suggests the company is professional and trustworthy.

Whereas the red flags are one too many (e.g withdrawal fees, lack of a valid license, anonimity and so on), investors who sign up and are engaging with the crooks over the phone will always find themselves trapped.

This scam is clever and it can lure just about anyone into their trap.

They are experienced in persuading traders and investors to join the platform. They pretend to be transparent but this is far from the truth.

Ultimately, depositing funds into the platform will lead to those scammers asking more money and threatening to block your account and money therein.

If you agree to send more money fearing to ‘lose’ your initial deposit, you will have lost money twice because the Financial Investment Group is actually not after helping you trade the markets.

The Conclusion

We urge you to avoid this scam at all cost. Be wary of these anonymous individuals whose only interest is in stealing your deposit.

The warnings have been sounded by financial authorities. So we better take them seriously.