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The Crypto Code Review: The Get-Rich-Quick Scam!

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Since 2017, The Crypto Code ( has been peddling a bogus get-rich-quick trading system and scamming investors thousands of dollars. How exactly do these scammers achieve their goal?

Well, they basically capitalized on the era of the Bitcoin frenzy which started around 2017. During this time, the Crypto Code folks launched a very convincing sales copy. Marketing material on this website was designed to sell disillusioment and fantasy to the unsuspecting investor.

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There was no track record, no transparency and absolutely no proof of live trading but suckers still bought it for $1,997 and were convinced that the magic trading indicator would help them make thousands of dollars per day on autopilot.

The Cryptocurrency frauds and phonies are currently peddling the very same trading products on their web address. The bundle looks like this:

1)The WaveBot toolkit: A Crypto bot with info about the scammers’ 20 most favorite coins for trading.

2)Premium Trade Alerts: Crypto investment recommendation where you can allegedly turn a $30 investment into thousands of dollars overnight.

3)Crypto Deep Dive training: training material with info about how you can get ‘rich quickly’ with Crypto

4)The Crypto mastermind: Members area with coaching sessions

5)Secret livestream bootcamp: A bootcamp for meeting the scammers face-t0-face and learning their ‘investment strategies’.

Plus there are other bonuses…

The Crypto Code review and overview

You agree with me that these folks are extremely intelligent as they’re using reverse psychology to convince people to buy their phony trading system.

The guys are using fake identities to achieve another kind of personna. The salespage claims that the owners of the Crypto Code are named Joel Peterson and Adam Short. However, what victims don’t know is that these are just pseudos.

The Crypto Code is a scam that is so successful because it’s promoted by irreputable but highly trafficked content websites like Valforex. The last time we checked, we found out that the scammers were paying $800 in commission for every successful lead.

This sort of partnership is irresistible but think of the damage it causes to people who are consuming these illegal trading products.

Actually, dishonest industry influencers are the reason why the worldwide web is a fountain of fake news and misinformation.

The Truth about the Crypto Code

All Crypto brokers know the truth but will never let you know it. And it’s also impossible for a broker to come out and say that a trading indicator vendor is a scammer, why? Because they both need each other.

A trading indicator is supposed to be attached into a charting application like TradingView or MT4/MT5. Any charting application with Crypto pairs for trading will work.

Brokers provide this charting platform. So the victim uses theCryptoCode on the broker’s platform, and the broker makes money whether the victims makes a profit or a loss.

TheCryptoCode is supposed to make thousands of dollars on autopilot which technically means high-frequency trading or jumping in and out of trades really quick. It’s supposed to make consumers believe that the software is truly magical and a secret gem that can be bought for $2,000 (I forgot the $97 monthly subscription).

I saw a video in the members’ area claiming that TheCryptoCode will help you pay off your debt and build ‘generational Crypto wealth’. In this video, the scammers also claimed that their trading system is a passive income generator that makes thousands of dollars on autopilot even if you are new to trading.

This is complete BS. People have no proof of the alleged results. The only ‘results’ they rely on is that Joel Peterson and Adam Short are millionaires.

Sorry! If they’re millionaires, they make their millions from selling a hyped up trading system that people fall for.

The real mistake here is that people are willingly believing this Bullshit. This is self-inflicted financial injury because once you fund a broker’s account and attach the ‘magic trading system’, your account balance will quickly evaporate.

Don’t forget that these guys will force you to open an account with one of their affiliated brokers who will share with them a cut of the profit. The profit they make come from your losses. Read our JNE Capital review to learn how these market-makers generally do business.

A proper trading system is one that is established on logic and statistical inference and the trading logic must be flawless. We do not want a situation where the ‘success’ of the trading indicator is implied on fantasies, unicorns and unecdotal evidence.

Complaints about the Crypto Code scam

In the last couple of years, we received complaints about the Crypto Code, and all of the victims’ stories were the same.

The victims landed on theCryptoCode website via a referral link. They landed into this trap because of an illicit endorsement from a rogue influencer like valforex and many others. Consequently, they proceeded to make a purchase of this magic trading system. Alas!

As usual, this magic trading indicator sold by theCryptoCode charlatans wiped the victims’ account dry. Recall that these victims had spent $2,000 upfront to acquire the magic indicator and a subsequent $97 in monthly subscriptions.

Some victims reported that despite canceling, their credit cards were still charged the $97 monthly subscription.

If these stories sound familiar or you found yourself in such a disastrous situation, your solution to recover all your losses lies with a professional chargeback company.

You (as as individual) can’t successfully claim your $2,000 because these scammers are using an anonymous payment processor that collects credit card payments on their behalf.

In addition to this, they’re also encouraging folks to use Bitcoin as a preferred means for payment. Guess what, it’s much more difficult to retrieve a Bitcoin loss. You would stand a better chance of getting your Bitcoins back if you follow our advice here.

Wrapping it up

The bitter reality is that any magical Crypto trading system out there is a scam. If you’re constantly looking for a ‘secret trading indicator’ and believing that somehow you’ll become rich if you get one, then you’re setting yourself up for a major financial disappointment.

The Crypto Code that we’re talking about here is not based on any evidence of success.

The anonymous owners have never showed us a video of this system trading a live account either.

Folks are just believing stories of success with no proof whatsoever. The sales page is for marketing purposes. Once the scammers receive your first $2,000, they fist-bump and go on a vacation with your money.

You will be left $2,000 poorer. Think about it.

That said, we also welcome comments from all corners of the internet concerning our review here. Bye!

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    1. Prove that our review is fake. Provide your trading results (audited) and we will be glad to discuss your trading program. As at now, your project is meant to scam people with promises of getting rich quickly

  1. Thank you for an honest and straight forward review. They have a very slick sales pitch.

    Saved me from making a serious financial mistake.

  2. I watched the hour-long Crypto Code promotional video and was about to sign up for special deal of $1,997 plus $97 per month.

    Before doing so, I did a Google search for “Crypto Code scam” and found your website. Sure glad I did. You save me from being scammed. Thanks!

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