The Alert Nation Review (Signal and Trading Education)

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The Alert Nation LTD is a company that sells Forex signals and trading education.

Promotion materials on theAlertNation website introduced the CEO and “chairman” as “Luke D” and Jamie Leon respectively.

Luke D is supposedly a highly profitable swing/day trader. The Alert Nation claims that he has 5 years of trading experience.

Jamie Leon is alleged to be a highly profitable fundamental and technical analysis trader.

The website of this signal vendor is trading from the domain which obviously suggests they’re from the UK.

They’re selling 3 signal packs which include one month subscription where traders receive up to 10 signals per day on whatsapp.

The cost of subscription starts at $19.99 per month. The other two membership packages cost $29.99 and $49.99 respectively.

The difference in these signal packages is that the last two have free training and course in addition to 1 on 1 support.

the alert nation review signals and forex

All of the signal packs at the Alert Nation promise 350+ pips per week

The Alert Nation was registered in December 2018. And if the CEO has 5 years of experience, we presume that he’s been trading elsewhere before they founded TheAlertNation.

Either way, we’ll need to look at their past performance to see whether the numbers are matching with the promotion.

Is The Alert Nation Legit?

We’re going to make some considerations before we make the final judgement.

First of all, the signals packages are extremely low cost compared to what the finest Forex signal providers charge their clients.

This could be an indication that the quality of their signals is poor.

We do not believe that a premium signal provider can charge $19.99 per month.

They’re definitely not putting the amount of work required to come up with signal alerts that make money.

Secondly, the service does not verify their alleged past performance in a credible way.

Their website says “Pip count last 24 hours: 320+”.

However, we cannot see anywhere that the Alert Nation verified these results using a third party statement provider like myfxbook.

Instead, they’re using Twitter to post screenshots of their supposed Telegram profits.

It would be difficult to verify these numbers because a lot of cheats who sell bogus signals deceive traders using Telegram screenshots of trading performance.

Therefore, we don’t believe the Alert Nation has signals that make money for their clients as alleged.


We’re disappointed at this signal provider. With their cheap rates, we suspected that something was amiss.

And now their “results” are terribly disappointing.

The service does not live up to its slogan which says “the world leading Forex signals and education”.

Therefore, we would not be subscribing or recommending the Alert Nation signal services.

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