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TFR Global Review: a scam

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TFR Global in partnership with Merlin Biotechnologies is peddling investment opportunities to individuals and corporate clients.

TFR Global is demanding a minimum deposit of $10,000 from institutional clients and $50,000 from retail clients in order to open an investment account for them.

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The website claims that your investment goals are their own goals.

Once you open an account with them and make a deposit, they are supposed to trade the money and pay a ROI.

This is the incorrect way to invest. If you want to put your money into stocks, currency market and so on, explore these products and services.

Is TFR Global Legit?

This platform has the hallmark of a scam, which means they can’t be legitimate.

The first thing we noted is that this website and company is operating from Singapore but not authorized to provide any form of financial service.

TFR Global Review

They’re also in partnership with another business whose website can be found at

This arm of their business is meant to fool investors to believe that TFR Global is truly investing in clinical research and other serious businesses.

In the end, investors who send money to these crooks end up losing it.


Don’t send the crooks your hard-earned money because it’s guaranteed you will lose that money.

Australia’s FMA has also warned its citizens against participating in this fake investment opportunity.

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