Review: Tele Trade Scam Broker? offers its clients a choice of 200 financial instruments for trading on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 respectively.

Did this company scam you? Are you facing difficulty withdrawing money out of this broker?

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Tele Trade is asking a minimum deposit of $/€100 across its 3 account types.

On top of this, the broker is promising traders real ECN and NDD trading environment where they can get leverage starting 1:200 and up to 1:500.

This is a good environment for trading especially if you have a proper Forex robot or are investing in profitable Forex signals.

TeleTrade is also claim that the platform offers competitive bids and ask quotes, low slippage and variable spreads.

The only difference between account types is that some are restricted in terms of how many instruments they can trade. is EU-regulated as they have stated on their website that they are under CySEC.

The company that runs the affairs of this broker is known as TeleTrade-DJ International Consulting Ltd and its other website is

Is legit broker?

There are many things to consider before answering this question. broker review

The first thing we will consider is how long this broker has served the industry.

Are you facing withdrawal issues with this broker?

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According to their marketing materials, TeleTrade has 25 years of global excellence.

We’re not able to find evidence that supports this marketing proclamation.

The domain first appeared on the internet sometime in 2013.

Only their standard account has requotes while the other two do not experience any requotes.

Copy trading is also provided by other more experienced traders on the platform.

While TeleTrade looks like a decent Forex broker and a legit one, there is something that makes them feel different from our recommended brokers.

They’re suspected to have submitted multiple fake positive reviews at FPA forum.

When a broker engages in such activities, they come across as desperate.

If their service is this good, they should not struggle to get clients or even write fake reviews on other platforms to win the trust of their clients.


Tele Trade is doing everything else right. But we’re afraid that we can’t recommend them just yet.

We do not know what the motive was for submitting fake reviews on other reviews platform.

We’re not going to recommend them at this time but this verdict may change.

15 Responses to “ Review: Tele Trade Scam Broker?”

  1. Amaury Labelle says:

    The broker has a long history. Now it`s a popular company. But there is nothing about it that really sticks out. There is a nice loyalty program. TeleTrade pays bonuses for registration and funding. Then customers can exchange bonuses for real money. It`s interesting solution. But not much money in this activity.

  2. Samuel Lechner says:

    I don’t know what kind of case it is on FPA, maybe they were framed by competitors, or maybe the company decided to boost own rating. In any case, I hope that everything will be resolved in the right way.
    The only thing I am sure of is that trading here is really OK, I have been trading for 5 years and I’ve never faced any problems. So I recommend this broker!

  3. Desmark says:

    Interesting information. As far as I know, Teletrade has no restrictions on the minimum deposit amount. A trader can fund any sum into his live account and start trading. Of course, not all options will be available with a $1 deposit. Although I think it will not be a problem either at a Cent account) I like the company because of this approach. I like that they don’t try to make the client deposit a large amount of money into the account.

  4. Andrew Tomas says:

    I use their Sharp ECN account and I’m quite satisfied with it. As a scalper, I chose it for their low spreads starting at 0,2 pips. On the other hand, I would better stick with fixed ones. Unfortunately, Teletrade doesn’t offer fixed spreads. In general, it’s possible to trade profitably with variable spreads, but some exotic currencies may rip you off with suddenly extending spread, thus making scalping in a tight range a daunting task. Fortunately, it only applies to some exotic instrument. I can trade majors such as EUR/USD without such a hassle.

  5. Frenk Josef says:

    I appreciate their bonus initiative. I heard with this broker, it’s possible to exchange bonus credits for real money (up to $10,000). I’m going to sign up to check it out. If they encourage even for such simple things as signup, it’s definitely worth trying.

  6. Kryshtoph Gajewsky says:

    This is a veteran broker operating in the industry for a long time. At least in Europe, it has very few true rivals, from my point of view. I can’t understand what’s the point in digging in all this juristic intricacies of regulation, while the whole essence of any broker is rooted in its trading conditions and a possibility to withdraw money with no hassle. Teletrade meets these two criteria and I prove it as their client.

  7. Dominik Fiedler says:

    The very first thing I expect from any broker is a smooth and hassle-free trading process. I want this company to place my market order at the exact price I specified by myself. Of course, the price may change a lot during times of high volatility, but when a broker manipulates prices, it’s always clear. Fortunately, I don’t see this when trading with TeleTrade.
    Secondly, I want my broker to support enough payment methods and never delay my withdrawal requests. In this regard, Teletrade doesn’t disappoint me too.

  8. Sigmund Benz says:

    I was purposefully looking for a brokerage company with educational opportunities, because I had no experience and I certainly didn’t want to face any big losses and I wanted to get off to a good start. That is why I immediately paid attention to this broker and I was not mistaken. And that is why I immediately paid attention to this broker and made no mistake, because its really good trading courses that help you to understand the market mechanisms and to find strategies that you can use regularly – it is really convenient and it is reasonable investment.

  9. Raoul Negri says:

    I just started trading and am still avidly studying all possible information. It’s good that there is a lot of it at TeleTrade. And also, the company has quality trading signals. It’s a lifesaver for a beginner. Because I often cannot see the best entry points on the chart. And with the help of the trading signals, I can avoid missing them.
    Now, while I’m learning to trade, I had the idea to connect my Account to the Synchronous Trading service at Teletrade. Can you advise me on how to choose a profitable trader in this service? What do I need to pay attention to when selecting a trader?

    1. Cristian says:

      If you’re working with a small capital, choose one or two traders who trade often, but don’t work with a large number of trades at the same time.That is, traders from about the middle of the list.
      It’s good that the broker in this sense makes at least some ratings, it really can be useful.

  10. Vaclavs Freidenfelds says:

    I have been trading with this broker for five months and I want to continue because the company is very good. I trade manually on an MT5 ECN account. I can’t complain about the execution. Besides this, I have no issues with withdrawals.
    Additionally, I have recently tried sync-trading. I can’t say that it brings me a lot of money – no more than 5%-8% but it’s a steady passive income. I hope I will start copying the trades of another trader to earn more passively.

  11. Artur Marciniak says:

    It’s an ordinary broker to start a career in trading. In the beginning, the trading signals in TeleTrade and the Cent account’s availability are advantageous.

  12. Brent Kolster says:

    TeleTrade is an absolutely ordinary company. It has its pros and cons. I think the main disadvantage of the broker is that it pays a lot of attention to newbies. But for more advanced traders, the company has nothing to offer.
    I think this is wrong. Because you can’t focus only on newbies in trading. And in any case, it’s necessary to take into account the different opinions. It’s the opinion of those who have been trading for a long time and want to develop further. For them, we need more professional services and more quality training. And such traders do not need trading signals.

  13. Victor Sauvage says:

    TeleTrade provides good trading conditions and everything is fine for me .. to be honest, not everything is perfect here .. there is something to work on. For example swaps and some commissions. But that’s okay. You can trade intraday))
    The main thing is that the withdrawal of money works without errors. Sometimes I would like to withdraw money faster. in general everything is good..

  14. Arthur Roux says:

    I started my acquaintance with Forex through the broker Teletrade, my colleague at work advised me, in the end all my hopes were justified, I was able to pay off two loans and establish a constant stream of additional earnings. The spreads are excellent, they do not kill the profit at the close, they are slightly overestimated, but the trading experience does not spoil.
    Now Forex is my main income, which absolutely satisfies me. Work that gives pleasure, and gives you the opportunity to work whenever you want, without stress. The main thing is to understand the system, then there will be a stable income. There were no problems with the withdrawal of funds.
    One of the main advantages of Teletrade, which I see and because of which I opened an account here, is the absence of various hidden fees and commissions. Everything is simple here – spread and swap.The rest of the time no one will touch your deposit. I can say with confidence that teletrade dj is not a scam broker

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