Target Signals Review: Scam Signals that lose Money?

Welcome to Target Signals review. Targets Signals is a Forex signals provider with an existence history dating back to December 2011.

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The website of this vendor can be found at

The vendor keeps motivating traders with their slogan of “Best Live Trading signals” provider.

They reassure Forex traders on the internet that Targets Signals are accurate and results are independently verified.

They’re operating from Singapore and can be contacted using +65 313 83 757 or email

We did not find details of ownership anywhere on the sales page.

So it’s quite difficult to verify their track record.

With 9 years of experience or at least website existence, I expect this individual or team to have a solid track record anyway.

If not, then I feel much safer recommending the usual automated Forex trading systems and signal providers.

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Target Signals Review

Unlike Forex Live Trade Alerts website which looks disorganized, Target Signals website is actually presentable and inspiring.

target signals review

They offer 10+ signals per day and also proclaim a success rate of 80%.

This is obviously a scalping strategy because there is no way a signal vendor will offer so many trade alerts in a day.

Also, since they promise 80% success rate, it suggests that Target Signals is actually going for win rate rather than risk reward ratios.

Other than Forex signals, Target Signals also offers alerts for Crypto, Stocks, Commodities.

They assure us that they will have 3 daily sessions with more than 10 signals per day.

In addition to this, they have a 3 day trial where subscribers can sign up free of charge provided they have submitted their Skype ID or email.

Target Signals also provides managed accounts by directly copying strategies listed on the sales page.

Traders can see the name of the strategy, returns accumulated over time and risk level.

Target Signals claims that they can generate 500% per annum.

Even the smartest fund managers can’t hit this goal. In fact, this sounds like exaggeration.

In addition to this, they claim that their service has helped over 30k traders since 2011.

Indeed this website has been providing its signal services since 2011 but there is no record of traders who are consistently profitable by following their financial advice.

Signal packages

There are 3 signal packages respectively. You can find summary in the table below.

Monthly packageStarterPremiumUltimate
Dedicated a/c manager live chatYesYesYes
Signal for options and CFDYesYesYes
Number of signals per week9-129-249-36
Summary of Target Signals Package features

What we don’t like about Target Signals

Their success rate is too good to be true. We don’t believe this baloney.

There’s zero trading performance, which puts this vendor in the league of signal providers like Edge Tradings, Forex Guru and Forex Profita.

The only “trading performance” they have is a chart showing pips and months of the year that this service delivered its trades.

We prefer vendors who use third-party verifiable trading statement sharing services like myfxbook.


Target Signals has a good website and a straight-forward product.

But they do not have verifiable results and their success rate is simply too good to be true.

We feel that 3 days of trial is such a short time for traders to conclude that this service is sustainable.

Unfortunately we will not recommend this signal service just yet.

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