Tag: Is My Alfred Robot Legit or Scam?

Myalfred.com.au Review: is My Alfred Robot Legit or Scam?

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The vendor (MyAlfred) claims that this robot is built out of 3000+ hours of rigorous research. Our tests show that the robot was indeed tested before rolling it out to the market as the win rate is extremely high. 

The owner of Myalfred robot is developing this product from Sydney but one thing is clear; they are new to this marketplace but have already grabbed a large market share, thanks to their profitable MyAlfred automated trading system.

Including it in our list of the most coveted trading products would be a good thing to do as we feel that this trading product is a real goldmine.

The only thing I would point out is that even though the vendor has a good website, proper introduction of who is developing and running this trading bot is lacking.

Myalfred (Robot) review: A critical look into the trading system

Our review is based on what they say in addition to our critical analysis of their service.

The robot is designed to save time and not to subject users to the learning curve associated with analyzing charts.

The developer claims that My Alfred robot is an AI-based trading bot that works in rising and falling markets.

The rest of the website seems to repeat what we already know about an automated trading system.

We already know that they save time and provide a way for people with zero knowledge to make money from the financial markets.

A trial of the Myalfred robot was enough to prove that indeed this product was created by traders wanting consumers with little experience to save time.

The specifics of their strategy is not openly available. The vendor argues that they would like to protect their strategy, and this makes sense as a good strategy must either have a patent or risk being stolen.

Trading strategy of the Myalfred robot

The website does not provide key insights on how this robot trades (for reason provided above).

Apart from telling us that the bot uses AI technology and is equipped with money management mechanisms such as stop loss, trading of small lot sizes and leverage, the vendor does fails to paint a complete picture of their product.

While this is a setback to those cautious traders who are considering this product, the reason we bought this system is because in the trial, the strategy performed consistently.

I don’t know how the vendor will address the needs of those who are skeptic at first, considering the reasons we’ve provided.

However, this is also the reason there is a 7 day trial.

Trading performance of this Forex robot

This product is very new to the market and the vendor has also told us that they have live trading results.

We did not see any page on this website where links to their audited trading performance were posted.

However, they provided us with their trading statements in our private communication.

On the other hand, the vendor has also provided a free trial which can be obtained by sending a short message to them.

This free trial is the first step to winning the trust of traders out there.

So if you’d like to test the Myalfred robot algorithm, this would be your opportunity to do so.


Normally we include a customer reviews section in our review because we’re always intending to discuss feedback that a product has received.

There’s indeed a lot of feedback out there, and we’re also encouraging traders to participate in the comment section down below to let us know what their experience is with MyAlfred algorithm.

The conclusion is that Myalfred is a good robot, albeit a few setbacks that have plagued it in the recent past as the vendor was still new and had not established themselves yet.

We recommend it.. Thanks for reading this review and remember to share this information to help other struggling traders too.

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