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Fly Higher Nova Review (Forex Robot)

Fly Higher is a new Forex robot described as “a multi-currency hedge scalper” and costing $240 per license.

The developer of this Forex robot runs a company called Fly Higher Nova (Pvt) Ltd. It is registered under ref number PV00223299 from Sri Lanka.

The person in charge of this Forex EA is called Shehan.

He is not known in the Forex robot software community and verifying his reputation can be difficult since he introduced himself using one name only.

We also see that the website of Fly Higher EA is a unique one.

They even have religious connotation at the top of the website recognizes Jesus’ Lordship.

This is a very rare marketing stunt but I’ve seen dubious individuals using the name of Jesus to sell trading products that don’t work.

So far, this website has stated that their robot generates %20+ in weekly returns and is used by some 5,000 active traders.

These numbers sound unrealistic. The 20%+ weekly return would mean 80+ monthly return.

And the 5,000 active traders would definitely create forum discussions for this EA everywhere on the internet.

So I feel that Fly Higher Nova ltd is actually lying when it comes to these numbers.

Is Fly Higher Forex robot legit?

Their marketing style is quite misleading despite declaring that Jesus is Lord.

They’ve provided a bunch of screenshots showing testimonials of their trading with this EA since 2016.

fly higher nova forex robot review

I don’t believe those testimonials because first of all, this website and the robot they’re selling did not exist in 2016.

I would like more transparency to recommend or even consider including this EA in our list of the best trading products and services.

Also, Mr. Shehan has not provided an explanation about their strategy.

They only claim that the robot uses a trend following strategy with automated take profit and stop loss.

This is such a shallow explanation and I even wonder how these guys plan to sell copies if they cannot provide simple explanations.


This robot is a No for me. It does not seem to perform any better.

In fact, the developer does not even have a myfxbook reputation.

It would be foolish to believe that Fly Higher EA is a highly effective Forex robot.

It clearly losses money.

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