Swift Hoard Investment Review: A Scam!

Swift Hoard Investment is a website that claims people can invest, earn and withdraw.

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Swifthoardinvestment.com claims that investors can earn between 0.85% up to 2% daily.

Swift Hoard Investment is currently offering 5 different investment plans.

Minimum deposit is $1,000 and maximum deposit is $50,000+.

The website is claiming to be operating from Amsterdam and regulated under Forex Capital Markets (FXCM).

The problem with this statement is that Forex Capital Markets is not a financial regulator.

Secondly, every investment company promising their customers a ROI at the end of an investment period should have an independent license.

Is Swift Hoard Investment legit?

No, this company is not legit.

It is a HYIP because of the following reasons:

SwiftHoardInvestment owners are unknown including “expert traders” who will manage your funds.

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This means we can’t estalish what their experience is and neither can we determine their track record (if any).

Secondly, Swift Hoard Investment is an unlicensed website/company with no legit credentials.

This is the hallmark of a financial scam.

If you want to invest in trading, there is only one way: you can either buy automated trading software or use credible financial managers to invest your hard-earned money.

Can you recover money lost through Swift Hoard Investment?

Because this we website is a scam, there is a 100% chance that complaints are going to arise.

Out of all their victims, 99% are going to lose the minimum deposit of $1000.

When this happens, victims are going to be desperate looking for how to recover their money.

Is getting your money back from SwiftHoardInvestment even possible in the first place?

The answer is yes, it is possible. Just visit this link and follow the instructions.


Swift Hoard Investment is not a genuine investment operation.

They are called “HYIP “. A HYIP is a website that collects money from naive investors on the promise that they will return double profits (or even more).

When investors put their money here, they will lose the deposit or probably withdraw just a fraction of that money.

Thanks for reading this review. The decision is yours to make but we wouldn’t recommend a service like this one to anyone.

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