Sv3 Trading Review: Is a Scam?

Welcome to Sv3 Trading review.

The website was created in February 2019 by an anonymous person who claims to provide Forex signals by Telegram.

They believe that Sv3 Trading is the number 1 Forex group on Telegram with 18,000 members.

There are two Telegram groups for signal alerts and one of them is free to join.

The signal vendor wants traders to know that Forex signals are sent during London and New York trading session only.

There are 4 subscription packages in total.

Sv3 Trading also wants traders to know that their team of traders are studying and analyzing the market to offer the best investment opportunities.

Like Forex VIP signals, Sv3 Trading uses a minimalist approach to present their service.

This also means that we’re not going to see a lot of information in terms of how they trade and manage their risks.

Sv3 Trading review

In addition to offering Forex signals, provides access to a Forex trading course since the vendor also runs an “academy”.

sv3 trading review

Their Telegram signals group is in Spanish although their official website is written in English with some parts of text appearing in Spanish language.

To be specific, the footer text is in Spanish which makes me believe the vendor intends to serve a Spanish audience than their English speaking counterparts.

Nevertheless, this area is normally used to publish disclaimer statement where a Forex vendor discloses the profit and risk potential of trading.

If an English-speaking client fails to familiarize themselves with this information, they could be ruined financially.

Also, SV3 Trading’s FAQ page does not address the real questions.

Instead, they use this section of the website to define simple Forex terminology such as “what is a pip?” etc.

This is a way to fill up space and avoid addressing the burning questions that traders like me might have.

I am even beginning to feel that SV3Trading lacks transparency, which is quite fundamental in a service like this.

With no explanation regarding trading logic and strategy for controlling risk, the vendor expects us to grab one of the packages blindly.

I saw this with Forex VIP signals, which is yet another dishonest signal service that provides manufactured trading results to fool new clients.

I do not think SV3Trading can be any different.

Sv3 Trading review: package details

There are 4 different subscription packages offered by this vendor. I’ve listed details below for easy referencing.

[tabs][tab title=”VIP signals 1 month”]5 to 15 signals per day

Up to 5000 pips

Personalized attention

Signals from experienced traders

Daily pips count

Price: €38.70

[/tab] [tab title=”VIP signals 3 months”]

5 to 15 signals per day

Up to 5000 pips

Personalized attention

Signals from experienced traders

Daily pips count

Price: €97.00

[/tab] [tab title=”VIP signals 1 yr”]

5 to 15 signals per day

Up to 5000 pips

Personalized attention

Signals from experienced traders

Daily pips count

Price: €337

[/tab] [tab title=”VIP signals lifetime”]

5 to 15 signals per day

Up to 5000 pips

Personalized attention

Signals from experienced traders

Daily pips count

Price: €599



Nothing is unique in the way those subscription plans have been created.

It would have been in order if Sv3 Trading provided more details such as number of pips per trade, pairs traded, strategy and so on.

This shallow presentation is not what I expect from a signal vendor claiming to be the number 1 Forex signal provider on Telegram.

Also, details of their training have not been published anywhere on the website.

This is probably a very shallow or generic Forex trading course which might not add any value to your trading.

I can’t figure out any other reason why little is talked about the Forex academy offered by Sv3 Trading.

Trading results

Since the web page is shallow in details, I will just move to the trading results section of this Sv3 Trading review.

Again, I feel quite disappointed because the vendor is not providing results in a manner that we can see transparency.

Although they claim to be transparent, this does not seem to be the case here because results are basically typed with a keyboard and published.

I expect a signal provider like Sv3 Trading to have a live and active trading account since they claim to provide professional signals for trading.

I also expect them to use a more transparent platform like

This way, we will have an easy time analyzing the strategy which by the way, was not disclosed.

Also, since Sv3 Trading is claiming to provide 5,000 pips in either of their subscription packages, I’m not exactly sure about the draw down.

We could be achieving 5,000 pips but after suffering a setback of 10,000 pips. This must be explained prior to paying this vendor.

Good thing is that with a myfxbook account, we can see these details.

Bad thing is that Forex signal vendors like Sv3 Trading don’t always use third party statement sharing platforms for fear that potential customers will run away.

Sv3 Trading reviews/feedback

There are no reviews of Sv3 Trading service anywhere.

The only reviews you will find are those fake testimonials on their website.

They’re obviously fake because the vendor wrote and published them as a way to feign legitimacy.

I would like to see more transparency and credibility in this signal service.


A signal service like Sv3 Trading is disappointing because they don’t give us the details we want.

I would not recommend them now because of this.

Also, there are no reviews of this service and I believe no trader wants to spend any money on a service that cannot prove itself.

Thanks for reading this Sv3 Trading review. I want to hear your feedback regarding this review.

  • Hello, I was just looking for comments on this page, I follow them on instagram, I even spoke with the person in charge or the person in charge of their instagram, and when you started talking that I would deposit all my savings and that I did not want to lose them and of the things in my life I did not they answered more. I would like to meet commentators of this website, someone who has actually entered, is there that VIP group? because in telegram you can only see the free group … I looked for some users on instagram who supposedly earn money from them and may doubt their profiles, they do not answer, they do not accept follow-up requests … all very suspicious. Would you like more information, or someone who enters and has money (to lose) and from the inside comment and reveal if they are scammers or are really very good with what they offer

  • Es raro todo esto, yo soy usuario del grupo VIP de éste proveedor y me parece real sus servicios, eso sí, tienen mucho desaciertos, como cualquiera. Referente a la atención, siempre me han atendido y resolviendo mis dudas. Comparten mucho material educativo en sus redes, y cuentan tambien con PDF`S muy didacticos, aprendo siempre. Es mas, me interesa su academia, hicieron webinars. El dueño siempre da la cara. No comprendo ésta critica.