Review: Is this Signal Service Legit? is a new Forex signal service that was launched in July 2020 to provide real-time trading signals with 90% accuracy rate.

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We don’t know why they’re assuring this win rate when even the best Forex signal providers on the internet have never achieved a 90% win rate on a consistent basis.

We’ll therefore try and see whether Sureshotfx has proof that their signals are this effective.

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So far, the vendor feels that their service is better than the rest because their professional traders utilize smaller Stop Loss and Take Profit, high risk to reward ratio and effective risk management.

Sureshotfx also believes that their Forex signals are consistent and are virtually risk-free to use.

They assure unbeatable performance with very little drawdown in addition to claiming that their signals will save time and money because they’re easy to follow.

Every Forex signal vendor will make these claims, and to avoid disappointments, we have to look for proof that the signal provider is living up to expectations.

So today our Sureshotfx review will let you know whether the service is worth subscribing to.

Sureshotfx review

Their website is letting us know that the vendor wants to transform our trading.

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But they’re not providing us with information pertaining to who they are, where they operate from and what their experience is.

The first step to inspiring trust is to make this information clear from the word go.

So we actually expect Sure Shot FX to do much better by making a presentation that inspires trust, letting us know who they are and why we should trust them.

We can only see a Telegram channel associated with

This is where they post their real-time signals with take profit, stop loss and entry price.

The Telegram channel currently has 4,276 members and we’ve also learned that is providing free signals and trading education too.

In addition to this, they promise that traders will receive detailed technical analysis of each trade so they can learn trading at their own speed.

All of this is fine and dandy, but it still does not give us a concrete reason why traders should use their services.

Trading Strategy of Sureshotfx

The website of this vendor contains zero information pertaining to what strategies they’re using to find and validate signals.

Yet they want us to believe that Sure Shot FX signals have an accuracy rate of 90%.

If their signals are this good, we should see it in the way they make this presentation to pursuade traders.

So far the sales copy has not covered their trading methodogy.

We would like them to address this issue so we can establish whether or not they have s sound trading strategy in place.

Summary of products/services offered

1.Type: Forex signals and Technical analysis

2. Plans: $24monthly to $149 lifetime subscription

3. Strategy: Not disclosed

The one thing you will notice is that this signal service is very cheap.

Do you think you can get very good Forex signals from a professional trader for only $24/month?

It is not likely. In fact, when the deal is too sweat, think twice.

Their pricing suggests that the traders are not professional or profitable enough to sell an expensve service.

We even doubt whether they’ll ever produce a redacted broker statement showing their alleged 90% win rate.

Sureshotfx Trading performance

The service is only relying on Telegram screenshots of alleged chats and feedback from clients.

For a long time we’ve rejected this kind of performance showcasing because it doesn’t prove anything.

We can’t authenticate those conversations or even prove that they are real.

Furthermore, screenshots of this nature have never been used to prove results in the trading world.

The best way successful Forex traders can prove their results is by actually connecting their brokerage account with a statement sharing service called myfxbook.

Sureshotfx needs to provide a valid way to prove their results before we can even consider paying for their service.

Currently, we don’t have proof that they are profitable, and we don’t feel obligated to recommend them either.

Feedback from clients is a very new service and we don’t expect any feedback at this time.

However, we see that they’re starting to become a popular website as their website is receiving roughly 100 visitors per day.

Most of the traffic in the last 90 days was from India. So probably they are based in India.

We therefore expect traders to use this review as a platform to let others know what their experience was with this signal vendor.


We will not recommend this service today due to the disappointments that we encountered while reviewing them.

We would like the to use a proper means for verifying trading rsults instead of using screenshots.

Also, is definitely not up to par with other established providers because their pricing suggests their signals are actually not reliable.

If they have a good signal service, they should be able to price it accordingly.

Thanks for reading our review. Feel free to leave your feedback.

One Response to Review: Is this Signal Service Legit?

  1. paul chiriac says:

    Definetly fake results. They substract full pips from half pips

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