Supertradersfx Review: A Boiler Room Scam is a site that claims to provide investment opportunity in Forex, Stocks and Crypto.

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But according to, Super Traders FX website was registered in December 2019.

It is anonymously registered and we’re currently not able to use their contact page expect through a chat.

The people who run Super Traders FX are completely anonymous.

Their location is also not known.

Besides this, Super Traders FX is purporting to offer financial services to members of the public without a valid Forex broker’s license.

This makes investing with them very risky and unsafe. If you would like to invest safely, you should probably consider these recommended products and services.

Is Supertradersfx legit?

It can’t be legitimate. This website is a scam.

They are even using a template that is commercially available on the internet for every Tom, Dick and Harry to use for their fraudulent activities on the internet.

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The rule is very simple: if you don’t know who owns the site or which company oversees its activities, then it’s basically a scam.

Secondly, if they are offering “investing services” for a specific ROI even when it’s not clear how this ‘investing” is supposed to happen, then clearly this is a scam.

And financially, we’re looking for a valid financial license. Unfortunately a scam like does not have one.


This is definitely a fake Forex investing website. They are basically operating a boiler room scam where an anonymous person calls the would-be victim with the intent of stealing from them.

This is certainly going to result in loss of funds from those who will trust Super traders FX and their lies.

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