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Stryke Trend EA Review (by Creative Solutions Dev Team)

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Stryke Trend EA is a Forex expert advisor by Creative Solutions Dev Team.

Creative Solutions Dev Team currently have one more trading system called TrendX EA.

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This review focuses on their Stryke Trend EA which is strictly optimized for the EURUSD only.

It trades 1 to 5 days a week. The developers believe EURUSD pair is quite volatile and Stryke Trend EA is able to trap price behind you so you’re always in profit.

When there is a change in direction of the EURUSD trend, it will exit with a small loss and re-enter in the direction of the new trend.

This is basically a summary of how Stryke Trend EA works.

In as much as Creative Solutions Dev Team claims that their EA was able to turn $3000 into $12931.31 in 7 months, they’re not telling us how their robot is managing risks.

Creative Ea Solutions Stryke Trend EA and trendx ea review

On the other hand, their TrendX EA is marketed as a tool that generates consistent weekly income.

It allegedly turned $400 to $855 in 70 days. All of these trading systems are designed for the MT4 software and are currently retailing at $99 instead of the regular price of $199.

With this kind of marketing and no verifiable trading performance, we’re finding it very difficult to believe what Creative Solutions Dev Team is telling us.

We still feel safer recommending these Forex trading tools because they’ve stood the test of time.

Is Stryke Trend EA legit?

We don’t want to take Creative Solutions Dev Team for their word.

According to them, the team is made up of experienced coders and software engineers with enough experience.

But according to our investigation, this team is anonymous (only a jared.jacobson Facebook profile has been provided) and their skill cannot be verified.

At the same time, these guys are throwing figures here and there, claiming that their Forex robots are very profitable.

We would also like to see their documented trading performance instead of “testimonials” on their website.

Nobody ever puts a negative testimonial on their website.

However, a myfxbook profile would have helped us determine whether their trading strategy is effective or not.


The efficacy of Stryke Trend EA or TrendX EA cannot be verified and the alleged profits that these Forex robots achieved seems to be a pure marketing stunt.

What we can do now is to discourage traders against these products until the developer can answer this review or provide some proof of profitable trading using their Forex EAs.

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