Strategy Hub FX Review: Hub-Neuron One EA a Scam?

Welcome to the Strategy Hub FX review. is offering a Forex EA called Hub Neuron One. StrategyHubFX website proclaims that they’re the “land of holy grail automated Forex trading.”

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Reliability and sustainability are their focus since they believe that Hub Neuron One EA is the best Forex robot, thanks to 15 years of back testing and a live account generating profits since 2018.

StrategyHubFX has not disclosed the name of their company or even their business address.

The only thing they’ve said is that they’re a team of Forex robot developers striving to create “profitable and effective trading strategies in the last 7 years”.

Strategy Hub FX review hub neuron one ea

Strategy Hub FX has also claimed that they’ve been developing, discovering and analyzing over 1000 automated trading systems but failed to find sustainable results.

The vendor also states that they do not want traders to waste time in trial and error as they’ve already developed a system that can continuously make money.

Are these claims a true reflection of what Hub Neuron Forex robot is? This Strategy Hub FX review seeks to find out.

Strategy Hub FX review

The presentation of this website is quite professional.

However, the vendor misses out on the introduction part (members are introduced by one name) which is very critical in cultivating trust among traders who are the target audience of this developer.

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Strategy Hub FX claims that their Hub Neuron EA has 8 different trading strategies combined which helps it to generate profits in every market condition.

The developer also wants traders to know that the team is analyzing and following up trades to optimize it for current market conditions.

They compare back tests and forward tests to ensure that “trading orders are precise”.

With regards to returns, Strategy Hub FX claims that their Hub Neuron One generates annual returns of 50% with maximum draw down of 25%.

These results are quite reasonable but one thing we need to find out is whether these trading results can be backed by performance.

StrategyHubFX highlights their software development road map as follows:

  • Analyzing data from 10 years backtest
  • Building strategy
  • Testing strategy to find the best
  • Improving and evaluating results
  • Making profits

Hub Neuron One EA has allegedly passed a 15 years back test and does not use hedging, martingale or scalping.

Risk can be customized by the user.

Trading is done on supported pairs which include EURUSD / GBPUSD / AUDUSD respectively.

And of course Strategy Hub FX is offering free updates, although it’s not clear how frequent these updates are done.

StrategyHubFX Review: subscription packages

There are 3 subscription packs. Looking at the price tag, we believe that Strategy Hub FX is deliberately expensive.

Clients are not allowed to pay on a monthly basis. The shortest duration one can subscribe for a license of Hub Neuron One EA is 6 months.

This will cost $490.

One year’s license costs $690. A lifetime’s license costs $1,290.

Of course there’s no trial and for that reason, we need to make a careful decision before investing $490 plus additional funds which will be traded in our accounts.

Are these prices justified? Is Hub Neuron One EA price tag backed by third party verified trading results? Let’s find out in the next paragraph entitled Hub Neuron One EA trading results.

Hub Neuron One EA trading results

The trading vendor has provided a account for the purposes of viewing trading results.

This is a real account provided by VantageFX Forex broker. Returns are +25.11% which were generated between February 2018 and October 2019.

These results were captured over a 2 year data sample and from the figures we see, we can confidently conclude that Hub Neuron One Forex robot is far from attaining the 50% annual returns mark.

Strategy Hub FX has also hidden most parameters on their account.

We don’t know the minimum deposit, trading balance, average win/loss, best trades, worst trades and many other important details.

They’re hiding these details for a very good reason and we believe when a vendor is not fully transparent, they’re often up to no good.

They’re a cheeky software vendor who want to sell licenses based on information that is not clear from the word go.

In 2018 there were 2 losing months. In 2019, there were 3 losing months. Generally, monthly profits are very small. 25% over two years of trading is not worth your time as it will take a very long time to recover the cost of the software.

Also, we don’t know why Strategy Hub FX is finding it professional to hide some details in their account.

Strategy Hub FX reviews/feedback

Public feedback is not available meaning that this Forex robot is not being used by the public.

The first deterring factor has to be the pricing of this software because if you compare Hub Neuron One EA with the best Forex robots recommended on this page, you realize that pricing is appropriate and results can be verified.

We hope that this StrategyHubFX review will serve as a good platform for airing your opinion.


The vendor has certainly done a good job by providing their However, we’d like them to be more transparent.

Secondly, we wonder how Strategy Hub FX is going to sell their Forex robot for such high prices. Most traders will definitely shy away unless the developer can provide proof of profitable trading.

At the moment, we’re not recommending them for the obvious reasons. Thanks for reading this Strategy Hub FX review. Let us know what you think.

4 Responses to “Strategy Hub FX Review: Hub-Neuron One EA a Scam?”

  1. Timothy Mochware says:

    Good day team, is hublivefx platform a scam or could it be trusted? Some trader from instagram is trying to lure me into trading on their platform.

    1. If you’re talking about, Yes it is a scam, an obvious scam!

      1. Timothy Mochware says:

        Yes, I was referring to Is there a way which we can bring that website down; as hundreds if not thousands of people are being scammed from it?

        1. It is not easy to bring a website down permanently unless the scammer is arrested. Also, we don’t see this website as popular so even if they’re scamming, the number of victims must be very small

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