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Stormgain Legit or Not? A scam! read Review

GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. was registered in April 2019 to supposedly offer Crypto trading services. In addition to this, the company is offering a Telegram bot that publishes signals for traders.

But in as much as Storm Gain is sounding legitimate, we recommend exercising caution and not investing your money with Storm Gain.

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The Crypto broker states on their website that they operate the business out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

But we know very well that this jurisdiction is infamous for running Forex and Cryptocurrency investing scams.

There’s a good reason why Storm Gain set up office in this location, and chances that the company will treat their clients unfairly is so high. Ultimately traders lose money to these dubious Crypto “trading platforms”.

This is based on our research and observation. We managed to fish out lots of negative reviews and feedback that the company did not want you to read.

With heavy financial muscles, they’ve managed to suppress every negative customer experience through aggressive marketing campaigns, thus ensuring that only fabricated reviews can be seen on the internet.

This is how scams run their business in the Forex and Cryptocurrency industry. Thus we’re unable to include Storm Gain in our list of the best trading and investing resources. review: What you did not know

I’m interested in the founders of this company. The CEO of Storm Gain is a person of interest in this matter.

The company lists Alex Althausen as the Co-Founder and CEO. This dude has a LinkedIn profile where he clearly states that he is involved in the affairs of this company.

However, Mr. Alex Althausen is currently residing in Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel Aviv is known for hosting multiple investment scams.

You can view this documentary for more insights, plus there are dozens of news articles that paint a picture of how Forex and Cryptocurrency scams operate in Israel.

But how exactly does Storm Gain lure victims into their trap?

This is quite simple. The minimum investment is only 10 USDT. They also offer free Cryptocurrency trading signals, meaning everyone with 10 USDT can get started on this platform even if they are new to trading.

In addition to this, Stormgain is integrated with their very own exchange.

This means that clients with Bitcoin can easily convert their Bitcoin to Ethereum and vice versa. This comes at a small fee and probably weird exchange fees will apply. The aim is to rip you off.

For a list of Cryptocurrencies that you can exchange, check out their page here. This is a sweet trap.

These guys are even offering Crypto wallets and claiming that security is guaranteed. My question is how on earth someone can trust a stranger to hold their Crypto in an offshore country.

They mention cold wallets. However, cold wallets only protect against hackers on the web. If is a scam in itself, the only way to lose your Crypto would be to trust Storm Gain to store your Crypto in their cold wallets.

StormGain: The marketing is good

The people who run Storm Gain are smart internet marketers. For example, they’ve partnered with a football team called Lazio.

This is a common practice among Forex brokers. These scam bugs bet on football fans. After all, if you love my team, there is a good chance that you will trust me.

Do you see how canning these people are?

Did you ask yourself why you have never seen a page like this one since you began researching about Storm Gain?

It’s because when you can invest in marketing, the only thing that an audience will see on Google is positive reviews about your company.

The truths and those legit feedbacks will be pushed down the pages of Google due to this manipulation practice.

The Conclusion

Storm Gain is a scam. It does not matter how they preach to you about their partnership with giant cooperation like, Yahoo Finance and the rest.

People have lost money to these scams before. This will not be the fast time.

Having said this, I expect your feedback. All of you who got hurt can leave their comments below for the world to see.

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  1. Even withdrawals are not ! I have tried their contact number to no avail, also tried to contact using telegram to no avail.. Sent an email but no reply… Its now officially a scam to me

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