Stock Option Coach Review: Scam or Legit? is a website that claims to teach students how to trade for a living.

The trading school sells the following products and services:

(a)Day Trading Mastery….. $4,997

(b)Swing Trading Mastery…..$4,997

(c)Day and Swing Trading Mastery…..$7,497

(d)One on One Training and Coaching….$14,997

Stock Option Coach is founded and operated by Randall Hudgens who claims to be a full time trader since 1979.

The trading school is operated from Santa Barbara, California and Randall Hudgens can be contacted using (805) 837-9211 or [email protected].

Most students have complained that Randall neither picks calls nor answers any emails.

If this is the case, I wonder whether Mr. Randall Hudgens will respond to my inquiries concerning his “trading performance”.

stock option coach review

Surely, a “trading guru” with “40 years of trading experience” should find it easy to produce his redacted broker statement for the last 1 month of trading.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The stock and options trading education is an industry full of hucksters.

And Mr. Randall Hudgens, the carnival barker who runs appears to have found a sweet spot.

There are several proclamations on the sales page of Stock Option Coach which raises red flags right away.

Here are some of them:

“Several students (who completed the course) have quit their lucrative jobs which earned them $250,000/year”

“I achieved a 400% return that pushed my account to over $120,000.”

“I have been trading full time for 10 years.”

 “I spent 30 years operating my two real estate corporations.”

Randall Hudgens

It’s therefore quite clear that Mr. Randall of Stock Option Coach is a marketer and not a professional trader.

Will he ever teach you the “secret strategy” that can make you successful?

And most importantly, many of you are asking the following question:

Is Stock Option Coach legit?

The training and coaching is not worth it and is therefore not legit.

The price tag is a big rip off. I managed to gain access to some of his training materials.

This access was given to me by one of his former students who was disgruntled because the training was not helpful yet he had forked out thousands of dollars to learn under the experience of a “stock trading guru with 40 years of experience”.

Randall Hudgens takes $4,997 in exchange for some garbage videos.

The garbage videos contain general advice that is akin to the kind of “training” videos you find on YouTube and Udemy.

And Mr. Randall Hudgens never trades a live account either.

His 40 years of experience as a “successful Trader” is unverifiable.

Can you recover money lost through Stock Option Coach?

If you’ve been scammed by this smooth operator who preys on naive students, then there’s a chance that you can recover that money.

The only thing you need to do is reach out to these guys for help.


The truth is Randall is making money by selling an expensive yet garbage trading education.

The guy does not trade live. All he does is to sell recorded trading sessions from a simulator.

This is a trading school from hell. Stick with these recommended trading and investing resources if you’d still like to go back to the market.