Steven Dux Review: Dux Trading Scam -

Steven Dux Review: Dux Trading Scam

Steven Dux of Dux Trading is a supposed penny stock trader who sells “secret trading strategies”….. the same strategies that allegedly made him millionaire at 23.

His trading performance is not 100% authentic, and his sales page is extremely salesly.

He is promising his students riches yet it’s clear that the owner of Dux Trading LLC is basically making his money from charging subscription fees, not trading.

The Steven Duxi website, which can be found at StevenDuxi.Com is selling a bunch of trading products and services.

These include:

Tier 1: Live chatroom via Discord………..$99 per month

Tier 2: Chatroom where Steven Dux is giving his 8 core trading strategies in addition to backtesting…………….$149 per month

Tier 3: Market Mastery Bronze…………… $2,000 per year

Steven Dux review dux trading
Dux Trading

Tier 4: Market Mastery Silver ………………….$3,500 per year

Tier 5: Market Mastery Ultimate……………$8,500 per year wants you to spend more money to get more “attention and help”.

This is because each one of the tiers here are building upon each other, just like a pyramid. is also selling a DVD for $1,200.

In fact, looking at the website of Dux Trading, you realize that Steven Duxi is using a more commercial approach.

The pricing model is predatory. It’s a case of milking the cow as it lasts.

Is Steven Dux legit?

The real name of this trading educator is Xiuxan Du.

His “rags to riches” story is not real. It is something he is using to make his “success” believable.

The only true thing about Mr. Xiuxan Du is that he migrated into the United States from China.

Mr. Xiuxan Du claims to be a multi millionaire stock trader. He claims to have turned 27K into 3 million dollars at 23.

He is flaunting expensive cars and a flashy lifestyle on his website.

This is a common pattern used by all chatroom scammers.

They are excellent marketers and the pattern is as follows:

  • They have an expensive trading program that promises riches
  • “Verifiable record of success” is only found inside the trading room
  • They only trade cheap low-cap penny stocks which are easy to manipulate
  • He displays flashy cars on their sales page, pretending to be rich

Should you pay for Steven Dux trading program?

Why would a guy who made 3 million USD start selling stock trading training?

The guy cannot even speak English properly, yet he created a DVD for $1,200!

Most people are going to find this DVD hard to understand because Steven’s English extremely sucks. is simply not worth your time and investment.


He might have cherry picked some good trades (which he displays on for marketing purposes.

However, this “multimillionaire” at 23 is just lying to his students and anyone that believes his sales page BS.

Thanks for reading the Steven Dux review. Dux Trading is a scam!

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