Stark Wealth Review: SCAM Broker (

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Stark Wealth is a scam site and a trap for unsuspecting victims who are looking to get rich overnight using spot and options trading. also pretends to provide Gold investment mutual fund where the victims is lured into depositing money before they can be robbed. So, how do they find victims on the internet? Well, they ( use platforms such as Whatsapp, WeChat and Instagram. They pose as persons looking for love or romance. This is why Stark Wealth is known as a pig butchering scam. It can’t be trusted and definitely not my cup of tea, considering that this website only recommends trading systems and signals that are known to be profitable.

As I review the investment scam, I want to disclose everything with no stone left unturned. I therefore signed up out of curiosity to see what the thieves are presenting on this website. My findings as follows:

Stark Wealth Review: Simple website, no fancy gimmicks

I wondered why the site owners are not using sophisticated designs like that of another Crypto scam called Profit Farmers. It appears that the anonymous persons are really good at convincing victims even if they don’t have a persuading website since this scam site has stolen from plenty of people on the internet.

There is this FPA forum to prove what I’m saying. I also received a couple of emails from victims who were complaining and asking me if something can be done to stop Stark Wealth in its tracks.

I told them to go for their money by actually engaging a professional money recovery agency that works hand in hand with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to initiate successful chargebacks.

Stark Wealth is simply a crooks’ platform and a trap since the website does not provide a physical address, name of the company, or even a terms and conditions page. The website ignores important information because the faceless owners believe traders and investors don’t deserve to know anything. They are simply abusing your right to information.

Furthermore, StarkWealth is not a licensed broker or investment platform. This is very dangerous because it tells us the nature of the people hiding behind the platform. Not having a valid Forex and CFDs broker’s license is a crime. So basically Stark Wealth is an illegal brokerage that cannot be trusted with funds.

Inside Stark Wealth trading platform

They present a script that has a few trading instruments (I don’t even recognize most of the assets there) as well as a buy and sell buttons. Users can also choose lots and margin when placing an order. However, this script does not provide a demo of any sort.

I also saw that the base currency is in Indian Rupees instead of USD or EUR. This could provide a meaningful clue concerning the location of the crooks — they are in India. That is a sure thing as we’ve seen several scam sites from India operating like StarkWealth.

Once a victim signs up, they are also presented with an app where they can download the phony trading application onto their device.

The crooks are able to manipulate the charts as well as price feed. So anytime you place a trade, there will be fake profits and this supposed ROI can be used to lure you into depositing more money.

The scammers can also tell you to pay some form of upfront tax or fees in order to withdraw your balance. If you follow their advice, you will lose money twice.

The Conclusion

StarkWealth is neither a broker or an investment platform but a cheap scam from India. It is hosted by GoDaddy and I wonder why hosting providers never bother to check the nature of their clients’ websitesand their intended activities. Maybe this is reserved for the law enforcement.

What am saying is that Stark Wealth will steal your money and ignore your emails afterwards. If you want peace of mind, then I ask you to consider these professional trading services.

Good brokers can be found on this list. Thank you for reading this review.

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