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Stallion Capital Review: Scam alert (

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Stallion Capital is a typical investment scam where victims are lured using interesting financial promises. The scam is operating from the website, and is targeting clients who are in need of a trading account, a rollover, traditional or ROTH IRA.

The site is not your typical Forex broker as no MT4 trading platform is present. If you want to trade with the best systems and trading software, then your best bet is to use a reliable Forex broker that won’t scam you.

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Stallion Capital also purports to invest in Forex, Stocks and Crypto. The reason they appeal to victims of the scam is because they promise financial freedom and early retirement.

The scamsite is brief in terms of the information they provide. One can’t establish whether this is a broker or simply a HYIP where investments are managed on behalf of the client.

Stallion Capital Review: Details of the scam

Stallion Capital is purporting to offer one-on-one financial and investment guidance using a digital advisor. But they are not introducing the people behind the website to the public.

They claim to provide expert insights and investment tools but the problem is that we are not sure whether these guys are even trading your money in the financial markets. There is no proof of the same.

The news and research page of Stallion Capital is just an index page where all the information is being pulled from other websites via a script.

Fortunately, the website states that they are from New Zealand. This is something that we cannot verify at the moment.

In short, this website is very economical with information and also transparency is lacking.

Is Stallion Capital licensed?

Their website claims that the company is regulated by the FMA. We have inspected the FMA register for the name of this investment broker or a scam and found nothing. It simply means this website is lying and is not licensed by the FMA.

The thing is that this website is running a cheap scam. Anybody who cares to do his background research cannot fall for it.

The red flags are one too many compared to well-known scams like CityIndex, 1market or Zank Capital.

What to do if you have been scammed by

Since they are very convincing to first timers, we are bound to have cases where victims are complaining of lost funds, seeing that the scam is stealing as little as $100 and as much as $5,000,000.

If you have lost a significant amount to them and you feel the loss is too much, my advice is that you can fill out the form above for a recourse or live chat with an agent to initiate the chargeback process.

The Conclusion

The internet is such that investment scams are everywhere and ready to take everything you have, thereby plunging you into financial trouble.

A site like Stallion Capital is an obvious scam because they don’t have a license, and secondly they don’t provide a transparent trading platform that users can actually access from their end. The only facility they provide is for depositing money into their bank accounts. Forget about all the other stories they tell you.

Of course you are also free to drop your comment as we value your opinion too.

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