Spartan Trading Review: Is a Scam? -

Spartan Trading Review: Is a Scam?

Spartan Trading provides live trade analysis, guidance and professional support through chat rooms and webinars. The website is run by an anonymous person or at least a trading educator who does not wish to disclose his name to those who haven’t subscribed yet.

The website relies on Javascript magic to dazzle visitors and make them believe this is a legit trading educator providing actionable trade ideas and recommendations which make money.

Spartan Trading review

This anonymous trading educator joins the list of trading educators who have made a fortune by selling access to chat rooms where moderators ramble general trade ideas but no actionable trade calls from a real trading account.

Spartan Trading appears to have been created in 2006 meaning that this trading school has been around for quite some time.

But it could also mean that the owner decided to purchase an established domain to run a trading school out of.

Nonetheless, this Spartan Trading review looks at the quality of education, experience and what those who have gone through this trading school are saying.

It’s not immediately obvious who owns or runs Spartan Trading Inc. But according to their website, this is a group of traders who are based in 800 – 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC V6C 3H1 Canada.

This YouTube promotional video might give us some clue although it is not very helpful as we had anticipated. In that video, someone who appears to be the owner of Spartan Trading is showing us a trade setup where he intends to make %17+ returns while risking 3% on a stock portfolio. This video actually shows the owner of Spartan Trading talking in his background. At least he appeared honest when he claimed that he was not a rich guy and that he started this trading school for purposes of making money and to help struggling traders.

Truth is, even if he made 17% returns on this video, that doesn’t necessary mean that he always makes money trading and that he has a live account which makes consistent returns.

In fact, this man seems to be analyzing the charts from a trading simulator and making it look like he is taking real trades. Thanks for reading the Spartan Trading review and welcome.

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Spartan Trading Review

What exactly does this trading school offer? It offers everything that a day trader or a swing trader would want to have.

It offers a day trading chat room and a bunch of courses to complement. It is the perfect replica of Day Trading Academy owned by a charlatan called Marcello Arrambide.

It offers swing trading ideas for stocks and options. Spartan Trading even claims that each trade idea will have risks well defined.

Other things they offer include:

  • Daily Live Guidance on Swings
  • Access to Moderators Inside & Outside
  • New Ideas & Updates Accessible Weekly
  • Short Term & Long Term Ideas
  • Prive Q and A sessions (trade setup walk-through
  • Technical Trading, PR / News-Wire and Option Flow Based Ideas
  • Intraday Idea Generation & Live Guidance

Other features provided in this trading school are 100+ hours of recorded trading webinars, technical or fundamental approach and support after hours for traders.

Now, the live chatroom has a different price tag altogether. The weekly trial plan costs $49. The monthly plan costs $189. The 6 month plan costs $1020 while the annual plan goes for $1928.

spartan trading chat room


What exactly does Spartan Trading offer in their trading room?

They claim to provide the following:

  • 30+ Daily Equity / Option
  • Exclusive Market News
  • Prop Analyst Insight
  • Trade Review Education

Live video streams are between 8:00AM to 4:30PM EST – Mon-Fri

How much does Spartan Trading charge for their trading education?

Well, there are 3 different plans that students can subscribe to. The monthly plan costs $99. The 6 month and 1 year plan costs $549 and $1021 respectively.


On their Twitter account, they claim the following in their profile:

PR/Technical Trader. Ideas NOT investment advice. Chat Room, Swing Trading and Webinars 1on1. Live Streaming All Day:

If someone is giving out trade ideas, he is essentially giving investment advice. This is an attempt to twist words so as to appear as if he is not offering investment advice.

We all know that offering investment advice without the necessary experience and license in Canada is illegal.

Webinars and education – a cash cow

Just when you’re thinking that you’ve paid for your learning and you don’t need to folk additional bucks, you realize that the trading webinar program costs $379 and $49 monthly thereafter.

options trading program by spartan trading

These include 2 hour live trading sessions in audio and video every Friday from 4:15PM to 6:15PM EST.

They call it Option Momma where they claim that options veteran and experts will educate students.

With this plan, students are allegedly going to learn trading commodities by having a long term overview of the markets rather than approaching as day traders.

They claim to teach students what factors influence the price of options and when to trade and not trade an option.

This trading webinar is run by a woman nicknamed Option Momma. She will allegedly teach students what she does to swing trade options and hold trades for weeks or even months.

Other things that Spartan Trading provides in their webinars include scanners and tools, hedge positions and market preps etc.

And just when you think you’re done with paying Spartan Trading to teach you how to become a profitable stock and options trader, you realize that there are two other programs that you need to pay for in order to become an expert trader.

Spartan Trading Portfolio Protection and Growth program

This is a 3 hour session webinar costing $279 and $49 per month thereafter. They claim to teach how to use options and ETFs to protect and grow portfolio in a falling market.

Webinars trader Education Spartan Trading

Spartan Trading review – my observation and conclusion

None of the trading educators here have a real track record of live trading. If you ask this question in their live chat room, you will get a rude silence or at least something that does not come close to the answer you expected.

How do you spend money on a trading school where the trading educator has actually not produced evidence of his successful trades on a live account for at least 1 month?

We might be convinced that the reason they charge for every topic they teach is because they make their income from selling trading education and chat room access as opposed to live trading.

There is zero trading in a live account on a consistent basis. If the owner of Spartan Trading can produce a redacted trading statement for at least 1 month, we’ll consider reviewing them afresh.


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