(STFX Technologies) Review

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Do you want to expose a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad actors. aka STFX Technologies sells a bunch of automated trading systems for the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

They feel that their EAs and trading systems are “Premium class auto pilot software”

The vendor of these trading products is operating from East Java, Indonesia and offers many different kinds of services besides selling automated systems.

These services include manage trading accounts (please look for managed trading accounts here), customized EAs, trading signals, consultations and VPS servers.

STFX Technologies also claims to have 10 years of experience in the world of trading but according to, the site has been up for less than 2 years.

With that in mind, our review will help you make the right choice where SmartTraderFX products and services are concerned.

Can this vendor from Indonesia be trusted? Are their managed trading accounts any better?

After going through the vendor’s website, we felt their products didn’t quality into our list of recommended trading products and services.

However, you can still skim through this review to get a feel of why the vendor never qualified for this kind of endorsement. (STFX Technologies) Review

The vendor’s website consists of many sections that are populated with all kinds of trading systems and services.

STFX technologies review

We’ll go through most of the products and services listed therein.

However, keep in mind that the vendor is not a native English speaker, so this makes it difficult to understand the communication used in certain sections of the website.

STFX Technologies even claims that they support charity by donating 1% of their profit.

This could be a simple marketing gimmick to encourage purchases and subscriptions.

What we mostly care about is the quality of their trading systems.

STFX Technologies Trading Systems

The products listed on this website are suitable for all kinds of markets ranging from Forex, Gold, Stock, CFDs to Indices and Cryptocurrencies.

Also, with VIP membership, we get free updates, guidance, suggested parameters for strategy settings, trade education and investment recommendations.

STFX Technologies Expert Advisor

This EA utilizes multiple adjustable trading strategies such as scalping, day trading, hedging, Martingale etc.

It also consists of smart entry feature which is activated using a bunch of indicators such as Bollinger, Heiken Ashi, etc.

Smart exit is governed by trailing stop, break even point and many others.

Money management is taken care of.

In addition to this, STFX Technologies EA supports MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

Other Automated Trading software by SmartTraderFX

The vendor has created a page exclusively for listing their automated trading systems.

The products are listed but no strategy insights are provided:

EA STFX Volatility Index Binary $1,000

EA STFX Forex, Gold and Oil $2,000

EA STFX Stoch Index $1,000

EA STFX Cryptocurrency $1,000

EA STFX CFD $1,000

Under the titles above, the vendor is providing a quick list of features but something worth noting here is that these trading systems don’t come with a cheap price tag.

Definitely SmartTraderFX has to find a way of convincing us why they believe we should buy any of their systems.

Currently, the vendor is only bombarding us with different kinds of products but not focusing on details of each product.

In the past, vendors who have set up shop like this have always ended up with poor performing trading systems due to lack of focus on individual products.

A word on Copy Trading and Managed Accounts

SmartTraderFX is advertising that they provide copy trading strategies for professionals.

In addition to this, they can create copy trading software for clients who place orders.

This product page does not have details and we’re also encouraged to contact the vendor for more information.

With regards to their managed accounts, the vendor is only providing profit sharing details where they make it clear that they’ll deduct 30% in every withdrawal.

Professional money managers will always provide a rough idea of how they trade your money as opposed to just focusing on how they’ll get paid.

If they want to compete fairly, they should at least consider adding sufficient information about their managed accounts.

SmartTraderFX Trading performance

This vendor does not have a specific strategy but insists on using a combination of strategies to achieve results.

The homepage is displaying a widget for their portfolio account where results are documented on FXblue platform.

We do not like FXblue due to its convoluted way of presenting statistics.

Nevertheless, this trading account appears to be a personal account because equity is very small.

Monthly return is +16.3% while drawdown is -0.3%. I do not understand how they manage this impossible level of drawdown but anything less than 15% is good.

Trading sample spans across 188 days which is also good enough.

The main problem is how FXblue documents results. We do not like it and we believe the platform can be open to manipulation unlike myfxbook.


SmartTraderFX seems to be in a race to produce all kinds of automated systems under the earth.

They probably think this is profitable but according to our observation, vendors with one or two well-described products tend to sell more than these Walmart-styled vendors.

In the end, we want to see strategy insights with solid results which can be presented in a clear and transparent statement sharing service like Myfxbook.

I do not see myself recommending these products but if STFX Technologies can trim down their website to only focus on the most important things, we can consider a review update.

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