SmartHill Miners Review Scam?

SmartHill Miners is a company that claims to mine Bitcoin for users who can deposit at least $1,000.

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Smart Hill Miners Ltd allegedly has a presence in Atlanta, Georgia and Indianapolis (USA) as well as in China.

The company can be contacted through email or on phone (+1 218 429 6384).

Investors can mine a number of coins here which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, Litecoin and so on.

SmartHill Miners also claims they’re easy to setup and have prepared powerful mining rigs.

The website was registered in March 2018 according to

However, they do not appear to receive any significant web traffic from internet users, which makes us doubt their claim of signing up 500K users.

Is SmartHill Miners Legit?

We look at their 4 mining plans but we do not want to believe that the service is lying about having setup powerful mining rigs that can generate returns.

Smarthill Miners review

One thing with these Crypto cloud mining services is that they don’t provide proof of existence of their mining hardware.

They could as well be operating a clever ponzi scheme behind the curtains which investors will ultimately discover when they lose their deposit.

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$1000 investment is supposed to buy 500 TH/s from SmartHill Miners.

$2000 will buy 800 TH/s while $5,000 and $12,000 will buy 1300 TH/s and 2700 TH/s respectively.

This is quite a high-risk venture because the minimum deposits is very high unlike mining services that provide hashpower for as little as $50.

This service is also being run anonymously as none of the supposed team members have been introduced.

The issue with SmartHill Miners is that there’s no way to verify their credibility.

Should you mine Bitcoin with SmartHill Miners?

We’re seated on the fence when it comes to this question.

This service does not have any customer feedback currently.

Their website is also quite shallow and lacks transparency.

All of these factors make it a high-risk investment venture for the average Crypto miner who is not willing to lose $1,000.


At the moment we’re not recommending Smart Hill Miners.

It’s not a service we can trust at this time. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, the best way to do it is to trade them.

There are many products and services that can help you achieve this goal even if you have never traded before.

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