Review: Is it Legit or Scam? is a trading education service and a chart provider that wants to compete with the famous giants such as MT4 and MT5. provides traders with a built-in e-learning syllabus containing videos and PDF guides, which they claim is user-friendly and is trusted by thousands of users.

With their Proprietary Market Scanner, we can scan each market and find potential entries and exits.

According to SmartCharts service, the market scanner helps with trade sizing, time-saving and managing of risk.

They also claim that the product is powerful and portable. We can carry it around because it is a cloud-based system.

The developer wants us to know that they’ve incorporated a visually-appealing platform where we can drag, drop, confirm or edit our trade tickets conveniently.

Apart from this, they claim to be fully transparent. The cost of their e-learning service in combination with the entire system is $3,999.

Of course this is an abnormal price tag. You can find a good trading product and service without sacrificing a lot.

So this is why we actually want to help you make an important decision here since most vendors will regurgitate free information on the internet and pass it off as “quality education”. review

The website of this vendor is professional and innovative. They also put more emphasis on what their products and services can do.

They want to appeal to traders of all levels and of course their aim is to create a solution which they claim does not exist in the marketplace.

For the aforementioned price tag, SmartCharts will provide the following:

-5 built-in trading strategies

-Access to a trading platform

– 74 e-learning videos

250+ pages of learning notes

They also provide access to a community of traders which they claim was built in 2013.

Looking at the website’s launch date, we realize that the service was actually launched in August 2018.

We can’t have this discussion without first knowing who owns or runs this service.

The owner of is Greg Secker

Although this is not explicitly mentioned on the sales page, we’ve gathered enough information to be fully convinced that he owns this website.

Greg Secker has been providing trading education and even hosting webinars for quite a long time.

He is the creator of He is also a vendor of Forex trading products since 2010.

Greg Secker’s Facebook page has a following of 40k and he is verified as a public figure.

He is also the creator of multiple YouTube videos on his channel.

Greg Secker simply has an impressive resume. However, by no means should we assume that his SmartCharts is our automatic ticket to trading success.

This is because a successful trader is proved by his trading performance and not the number of YouTube videos or following on social media.

Even if he has hosted 10,000 trading seminars before, we still feel that this isn’t sufficient evidence that his strategies will work.

SmartCharts proprietary strategies

The strategy scanner is in charge of scanning the markets to find opportunities and present trade alerts as soon as strategy criteria are met.

This feature is also in charge of calculating risks and general trade management.

On top of this, traders can use the auto risk sizing tool to input their risks in percentage or in terms of monetary amount/ % per point.

The platform comes with a multi-chart workspace to enable users work with their most favorite layouts.

With this setup, SmartCharts believes that users will work with multiple timeframes for comparison and complete awareness of market conditions.

Lastly, the charting platform comes with a set of in-built indicators and drawing tools for convenience.

Is the education worth it?

This question is difficult to answer but my best advice would be to check out Greg’s YouTube videos and see how he teaches and whether his style is appropriate.

He claims that thousands of users have subscribed for his service.

We can see a couple of user feedback on the internet but this feedback is somewhat negative except for a couple of users who sound neutral in their reviews.

I would really appreciate a situation where Greg Secker can come in with verifiable trading performance to prove that he actually trades what he teaches.

With so much controversy surrounding this product and website, it’s quite hard for us to give it our full endorsement.


It appears that Greg Secker is an experienced internet marketer who once tried his hands in trading before settling on marketing.

This kind of person doesn’t necessarily make for a great trader although he may provide valuable materials for learning.

The true litmus test is always in finding out whether they are actually professional traders who make money from trading.

We’ve observed that despite Greg Secker selling products for $3,999, he does not actually provide evidence of his successful trading.

We would be hesitant to spend this kind of money on his products. So our verdict is this: don’t subscribe just yet.