Review: Scam or Legit?

Welcome to the review. The platform is offering blockchain solutions for business. However, where we come in is when starts to peddle an investment service where users are hustled into buying their token and also promised a ROI.

Investors who hold this token for a year are promised a +20% bonus. In other words, Smartchain is providing a staking service to its users.

The company is also providing an income calculator showing what people can earn if they invest a certain amount of money into the project.

According to this calculator, a $1,000 investment is supposed to make you $5.20k in 12 months. This ROI is too good to be true. It is a red flag that you must consider before signing up for such a project.

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Who is

The company is operated out of Russia and the UK. Remember that we’re standing with Ukraine right now and we’re also considering boycotting Russian products.

According to the website, Dmitry Yanchilenko is the CEO of this project while Sergei Porfenovich is the CTO. Unfortunately, our investigative team was not able to verify the authenticity of this information.

This means that there is a risk of the so-called members actually not being members of the project.

Too good to be true investment project by SmartChain

Whenever you find an investment platform giving you 5X returns within a year, you should ask yourself questions before you ‘invest’.

In this particular case, investors in the token are promised 5X plus returns from their investment. This is a serious red flag. Where does the money come from?

And this blockchain product is relatively new in the market. It does not have any users just yet. Even the token does not have any meaningful value currently.

In addition to this, it is not listed by any major exchange. Therefore it is something we do not want to put all our trust in as it.

Why is a bad investment

Because we have not verified the authenticity of their leadership team and their returns are too good to be true, we could say this is a serious red flag.

The token in question does not have any meaningful value at the moment. Investing in such a token would be an equivalent of risking your money.

Even though the platform does have a blockchain product, the update of this product is a 50 50 affair, and no guarantees of the token ever becoming a valuable asset in the near future.

The Conclusion

We need these guys to explain to us how they’ll generate such crazy returns because this kind of revenue is clearly not coming from their business activities.

Is this Crypto project running a ponzi scheme in the background? This is food for thought. Thank you for reading this review.