Review: An Illegal and Scam Broker intends to scam all kinds of traders and investors that will deposit €250+ in the bank account or Crypto wallets.

Notice that they’re also an offshore Forex and CFDs broker with no registered business address.

The platform has deliberately refused to disclose their identity or business history. Their about us page is just a few lines of sentences that communicate vague things about

Because there are so many red flags on this broker’s platform, we can’t advice traders to sign up as the risk of losing investments is very high. review

The platform is presented as a Forex broker that allows trading in other assets such as Futures, Bonds, Stocks and Indices. is using WebTrader to enable user access to these tradeable instruments.

Unfortunately, the scam broker is talking more about WebTrader (a third-party product) than about themselves.

They are not giving us reasons as to why we should trust them.

So with a lot of talks about third-party trading platform and less about themselves, we’re left questioning the authenticity of a website like

The truth about

Our best guess is that this scam is probably operated out of Europe. This is the basis for using Euro currency instead of the standard USD currency.

This broker (Smart Capital fund) appears to target stupid investors who have money to invest but little time to do research.

This is why Smart Capital fund does not have a name for the company that runs the website.

It appears that this website is actually operated by an individual rather than a company entity.

As with an individual, you must be assured that your money will not be safe. There’s all kinds of problems that will arise from an individual managing your money and offering you an unregistered trading platform.

Where is the Smart Capital Fund regulatory license?

Apparently the scam does not have a regulatory license that is required of all Forex brokers operating either in Europe or across the world.

Smart Capital Fund does not entertain talks about their licensing status because they do not have it and secondly they cannot qualify for one.

Without any business address and the ability to meet stringent requirements set by the regulators, a scam like stands no chance.

On the other hand, traders and investors must never risk trusting such a broker with their money because the people running such an entity do not care about whether you want to invest or not.

All they care about is to steal your deposit and block your account.

What to do if you have been scammed by

Unfortunately, most people who get scammed by these brokers don’t pursue their lost monies.

We want to show you a trick.. If you ever lost any amount of money to these corny brokers, you should use the livechat down below to apply for chargeback.

You can also click the red box above or below this review to start the process of applying for the chargeback.

The Conclusion

Because this is a clever scam pretending to operate a legitimate Forex brokerage platform, we implore you to ignore their marketing language. Just don’t sign up.

If you want to become a professional trader, you need to start with a professional brokerage platform.

Of course if you don’t know how to trade, it calls for using premium signals service or sound trading education.