Sitka Pacific Capital Management Review: A Scam? -

Sitka Pacific Capital Management Review: A Scam?

Sitka Pacific Capital Management provides separately managed accounts to investors willing to deposit at least $100,000.

The firm is claiming to be a registered investment advisor in the state of Washington but with offices in Illinois and California.

Sitka Pacific trades Domestic/Global equity and bond markets, currencies, precious metals and commodities.

Sitka Pacific Capital Management review

They claim that they’re using hedging strategies to trade the above financial assets.

The firm is operated by MCAULEY and BRIAN RICHARD.

Is Sitka Pacific Capital Management legit?

While marketing materials on this website claim that the firm is legit and transparent, we don’t think that’s the case.

I’ve checked their SEC records and discovered that the firm’s registration status with the SEC was terminated in December 2016.

For the SEC to registered and investment advisory firm and the people associated with its operations, it usually means that the firm has been involved in gross violation of the financial regulator’s guidelines.

However, on the Sitka Pacific website, they still insist that they are a regulated and licensed investment advisory firm.

This is a lie.

Should you invest with Sitka Pacific Capital Management?

It is not recommended that you invest with an unregulated fund manager or portfolio manager because it is illegal.

This company does not wish to tell its clients about its regulatory status with the SEC.

They maintain that they’re a regulated investment advisor which is wrong.

We believe that this firm is actually not transparent.

Therefore, you should not invest with them.


If you want to invest your hard-earned money, you can consider these recommended options.

Otherwise, participating in Sitka Pacific Capital Management is an illegal act and you could also lose money since there’s a good reason why authorities took their license away.

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